Mother of the house

Dec 3, 2009 002

the light was on all night, ready and waiting
taking a few moments of rest
it’s day starts at six
wishing us good morning while filling requests for sippy cups of milk
witnessing good morning kisses
and shortly after goodbye embraces
mid morning comes
dishing out comfort with bowls of animal crackers or pretzels
handing out cups of patience filled with soul calming hot chai
it listens and waits
anticipating the families next move
children running through with superhero capes
ready for lunch
the oven warms and delivers fish sticks or chicken nuggets
to outstretched hands and hungry bellies
and then it’s quiet as they retreat for naps
with full bellies and sweet dreams
weary itself, the lights turn off, the counters cleaned, it too takes a siesta
mid afternoon snack comes and we gather again
cabinets rummaged through, patience worn, a snack finally found
more sippy cups
more dishes
more running and kisses
craft activities commence as a table is brought in
it’s linoleum easier to clean from play doh or paint than carpet
laughter, imagination, messy hands, happy hearts
clean up to start dinner
stove top working, hands chopping, children playing at feet and on the counter
and then the calm
welcome home embraces under florescent lights
it smiles as the family sits down in the next room
realizing it’s part in the nightly family dinner
as counters are wiped and dishes are done
exhaustion sets in
it’s harsh lights dimmed to signify the end of the day
one last snack, one last rummage through for strength
and get you through the night goodies
on call, but off guard
goodnight kisses, goodnight embraces
sleepy hands wipe the counter one last time with care
readying for the morning
the mother of the house leaves it’s light on
ready for a midnight gathering just in case
little rest for room that feeds our souls and hearts


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12 responses to “Mother of the house

  1. Lovely! You’re right, our lights ARE always on. Ready and waiting…

  2. What a beautiful post to get me through mid-morning snack!

  3. Always sippy cups, dishes and snacks. You are exactly right– that’s also how we measure our days.

  4. I love this! I just…do! I’m totally *there* while reading it. Gives me warm fuzzies. ­čśë

  5. How is it that you make posts about the kitchen even sound so elegant and absolutely beautiful!?

  6. I have no words. This was beautiful.

  7. Look at that lovely clean kitchen. I love it when mine looks like that after a long day.


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