Christmas Prelude

Every year the wonderful people of Kennebunkport Maine open their hearts to visitors to celebrate Christmas Prelude. I believe it’s a week long celebration, including tree lightings, caroling, parades, art festivals, craft fairs, cookie decorating… the list could go on and on. We ventured up this year with the kids and Lucas’s parents {who attend every year} to see what sort of festivities we could partake in. While we didn’t last long enough to make it to caroling at the Monastery {an amazing experience that we have yet to do with the kids…} we had an incredibly fun filled day taking in the snow filled Maine air.

We started at the Seashore Trolley Museum, where we were able to hitch a ride on a refurbished trolley from the early 20th century

Dec 6, 2009 023

Dec 6, 2009 017

Dec 6, 2009 026

Then we headed into Kennebunkport and spent the rest of the afternoon, early evening, wondering around town, seeing the sights, feeling incredibly festive atmosphere, enjoying each others company. It struck me so many times during the celebration, the people were so nice. Everywhere. Each restaurant we were at, in the streets, at the museum. Everyone was in a good mood, even with the chilly temperatures and the snow falling. But then again, how could you not be in a good mood when it feels like Christmas? The flickering lights against a backdrop of snow could not have been more perfect.

There is no better place to celebrate in December than the coast of Maine.

I’m left a little speechless from it all. I caught myself a few times with tears in my eyes, because it was simply wonderful {not to sound too cheesy….}. So overcome with emotions, having my children experience these precious moments, traditions, that will live on with them through the years.

The kids were asleep before 7 tonight, which shows how exhausted they were from the weekend. On our way home we picked up a tree, and decorated it this evening. We are sleepy, a little weary that tomorrow is Monday already, but are filled with the joys of the season. Here’s to the rest of December being filled with songs and words celebrating the birth of Christ, cookie baking to bring smiles to our faces, and magic to fill our eyes with wonder.

Dec 6, 2009 059

Dec 6, 2009 068


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10 responses to “Christmas Prelude

  1. Sounds like fun! Glad you guys had a good time. I love those times that are fun and wear the little ones right out. =)

  2. Corinne, I first visited your blog when you posted about a trip to Walden Pond, just down the street from my former home. And now you have me tearing up at your description of Kennebunkport, a site of some wonderful travels in my past. Coming here is like rereading an entry from my travel journey. Thank you for another lovely reminder of a happy time in a happy place.

  3. It looks like a beautiful time! Your pictures are so great.

  4. So fun and those pictures are to die for! You’ve gotten so good, girl!


  5. I’m also tearing up that it’s nearly Monday already.

    Went to Kennebunkport long ago and should consider heading back there someday soon. Tis a great place, indeed. What’s better and best is this holiday season. I am such a sucker for Christmas. The tree is officially up. The mantel is decorated. The stockings are hung. The kids are ramped up. And SO am I.

    I love Christmas. I love giving. I love spirit. It’s going to be a great month.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the pictures!

  7. “There is no better place to celebrate in December than the coast of Maine.”
    Amen and AMEN!

    (p.s. We were THIS close to driving down to Kennebunk to cut down our tree, but we ended up going to a farm a bit closer. We could’ve bumped into you guys! Next time you go to Kennebunk, let me know!)

  8. Your photos are stunning — the colors just pop! It looks like it was an amazing, memorable day for your family!

  9. What a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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