Every chance


Not from the pomegranate martinis, however potent and festive, but from him.

There is something so incredibly sexy and intoxicating about a man who listens. Actually listens. My husband does. It might be why I fell in love with him. He was the first man in the long string of men I dated who listened whole heartedly.

Today came with a few hours to ourselves. His parents came to play with the kids, and we went out for lunch and a bit of stocking stuffer shopping. We embrace any opportunity for a date with open arms. We love our children, but we also love each other. Deeply.

So we kiss our children goodbye, leave them in very capable hands, and take off into the afternoon sun through winter winds to a spot where we can be, and eat, and talk.  The kind of talk that you do early on in relationships. Deep talks where you listen. Only now it’s about parts of our daily lives that rarely get divulged to each other due to children and chores and laptops. We talk about exciting things at his work, and about my upcoming writing class/workshop. He listens as I talk about this blog, and the friends that have come from blogging. We talk about things that normally get pushed aside for grocery lists, children’s books and daily happenings. We talk. We listen. We fall in love.

Every chance we get, we fall in love again.

Intoxication comes over quickly and I’m dumbfounded by the man who sits across the table from me. Smart, handsome, caring; everything I could have asked for in a husband, a partner in parenting, a friend. He’s mine, and I’m his, and the world – however cruel it seems at times – is wonderful.

We walk out of the restaurant doors into the winter wind, but we don’t feel the sting against our cheeks. We wrap arms around one another, snuggle in, and walk as one down side streets that we once ran down when we were newly in love. Years later as newlyweds. And now as a couple five years into a marriage that has seen its ups and downs, but we always manage to run through the finish line at the end of the day. Still holding hands, oblivious to the sting.

We hold on to each other for dear life, and take the opportunity to fall in love again every chance we get.



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13 responses to “Every chance

  1. You are a lucky lucky woman. I wish you the best in what you have… and hold onto it forever.

  2. Corinne, I hope your husband reads your blog! 🙂

    I also feel lucky to have a partner who gets me, who listens, who makes me feel special and beautiful and loved. I think your post is such an important reminder to those of us with young kids. As much as we adore and dote on our children, our relationships with our partners need an equal amount of nurturing.

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I want to hug my husband, curl up with him, and thank him again for being the man that he is, the man I fall in love with a little bit more every day that passes.

    The writing class/workshop sounds fabulous! When does that begin? Enjoy every minute of it!

  4. You’re a lucky gal. What a beautiful day.

  5. This is truly lovely. A pleasure to read. And no doubt – even more so – to live!

  6. You lucky broad. If I didn’t know that you had a good heart, I’d hate your ass.

    I’m glad that both you and your husband understand the importance of listening, and being heard. Awesome.

  7. Oh, I love date times!! It is wonderful to still be so in love after years of marriage; I feel the same way about my hubby quite often. I wonder how I managed to snag the most perfect partner ever. It’s nice to know others who feel the same way because so often I see the opposite.

  8. Your love for Lucas couldn’t be more apparent to the rest of the world. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship and to know that you have that. I hope that Lucas gets to read this. I know how I would feel if I read something like this that my husband wrote about our relationship. Congratulations on a true love affair. So many people would give anything to have what you have found.

  9. This is absolutely lovely. Thank you for writing it – an inspiration to me! xo

  10. Beautiful words. I love hearing about the happy relationships that are out there. I have a very loving marriage too, and it is such a blessing. Hooray for love!

  11. How has it taken me so long to find my way here? I adore this post. Why? Because I have been married just shy of five years. (Stay tuned for the love letter this Friday, Dec. 18 on my blog.) Because I feel the same way about my guy. We go out, we spend time together, we talk, and I have butterflies. I know people are suspicious and skeptical about this, but I insist that is the case. Thrilled to have found you and your words… I sense many comments and emails in our future!

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