Where it’s warm

Last night, and into this morning, it snowed

Big fluffy piles of snow to welcome Christmas week

Dec 20, 2009 010

So we mixed, and stirred and tasted life where it’s warm

Dec 20, 2009 024

Found out shortening is not icing, even though it might look like it

That ground cloves, alone, will make your mouth taste funny

And flour is definitely not sugar when you scoop it out in handfuls to eat

Dec 20, 2009 045

There were lots of snuggles

and a few laughs at the ridiculousness that can be our children

but mostly, it was warm

Dec 20, 2009 086


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13 responses to “Where it’s warm

  1. SOOOO sweet!!! Your post give me baby fever BIG time! Your family is precious and your writing is beautiful.

  2. Booling

    The picture with Lucas just got a resounding AWWWWW from David and I.

  3. Too cute! The picture of Paige with the spatula is worthy of the cover of a cookbook!

  4. Ok, Corinne, this is my favorite post of yours ever! Wow, this says so much. What great photos, too. It’s amazing. As I scrolled down to see the first one, all I could think was “this amazing woman”. (Sorry I’m not more eloquent, but I’ve got an annoying cat on my chest as well as this darn cold–on top of the strep–to contend with.) I could just totally hang out with you… I think our kids would get along fine too. ­čśÇ

  5. Those are some frameable moments right there. Love the one with Paige practically diving into the kitchen aid for a taste!

  6. So So sweet. A perfect snowy day. Or even non-snowy day! Hannah ate pancake mix once as I made it thinking it would taste like cookie dough… not so much.

    Love your descriptions and the pictures.

  7. *Gag*

    The shortening/flour discovery must have been awful…poor little thing!!! LOL!

  8. Oh, the lessons of baking. Do not lick shortening. So fun. Love the photos you captured – glad you managed to stay warm despite the snow.

  9. Oh to eat sugary/carby foods again ­čśë

    I love the picture of your kids and hubby together. Sooooo sweet.


  10. Good for you! I love their eager little faces and the spatula picture is a keeper. Sounds like a lovely time with your adorable family.

  11. Your kitchen seems like a really fantastic place to be. =^)

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