Today, I don’t mind

Today I don’t mind that my wallet got ransacked by pint sized pick pockets

I don’t mind that I have two little ones attached to me at the hip. That it’s an I need to snuggle Mommy kind of day

I don’t mind that I had to bribe Fynn with a chocolate donut in order to cut (or rather, recut from a hack job I did on Sunday…) his hair

I don’t mind that we all ventured out in the cold December air to pack into the car in our pj’s to get above mentioned donut

and I don’t mind that Paige fell asleep and that Fynn and I drove around eating our donuts pointing out horses wearing blankets in the snow and Christmas decorations to each other

I don’t mind that I had to lay with my babies, one on each arm, me in the middle, as they drifted off to sleep at midday

I don’t mind that in order to make the last batch of Christmas cookies we had to do so at the North pole

I don’t mind the flour covered knees (mine and theirs)

the fingerprints in the cookies

the kids on the counter

the imperfect

today, I don’t mind it at all

Dec 22, 2009 020

Dec 22, 2009 022

Dec 22, 2009 025

Dec 22, 2009 032

Dec 22, 2009 034


My mother likes to say that the only thing constant about life, is change. I think she’s got that right, especially when it comes to motherhood, emotions, and hormones. Most days, I don’t mind. On days that I do, I am thankful of writing as therapy, and some wonderful friends for support. Thank you.


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15 responses to “Today, I don’t mind

  1. Aw…cherish those days. My kids are getting too big for snuggling, even though I sneak one in every now and then.

  2. Blessings to you all today! I’m thankful that you “don’t mind” sharing.

  3. What a cute post!
    I have had those days when “I don’t mind” and others when “all I do is mind.”
    Even though I don’t have children of my own, I am an aunt to over 38 nieces and nephews, most of whom I field late night phone calls looking for dating advice and a place to vent when they need a chance to process their parents.
    It’s nice to know we all have days like both.
    Your Mom was right-change is the only constant. Which I am just learning to live with ­čÖé

  4. How could you mind with those sweet faces looking up at you. You are taking in and enjoying the most important things right now. There is nothing better than that. Merry Christmas!

  5. mmm chocolate donuts! can’t tell i’m deprived of sugar can you? ­čśë

  6. somedays it’s good not to mind… ­čÖé

  7. I am a firm believer that chocolate doughnuts make things better. I’m glad today was good.

  8. Getting a few moments to yourself changes the perspective a bit, doesn’t it? Enjoy your adventures at the North Pole. If yours are anything like mine were at that age, they will last well into spring. God bless you and yours.

  9. I’m so glad things are looking up today! It’s amazing how a similarly challenging day can seem so much better or worse depending on your frame of mind. I’ve been trying hard to have lots more of the “I don’t mind” kind of days lately!

  10. So glad this day has been a better one for you!

  11. What a sweet post…and the eyes on those children!! Beautiful.

    Glad that it was an “I don’t mind” kind of day for you.

  12. It sounds like a perfect imperfect kind of day. Can see why you don’t mind. And your attitude is contagious. I find myself not minding the little inconsistencies because every day has pure moments of heaven.
    Your children are so lovely, Corrine!

  13. “I don’t mind” days are the best…

  14. You and I would get along well… I almost NEVER mind. It’s what makes being a mom day in and day out worth it.

    Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  15. Absolutely beautiful. Your day…and the way you described it.

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