Paige’s checklist



Dec 23, 2009 028



Fresh bump on forehead?


Dec 23, 2009 033

Lense cap?


Out of pacifiers?



most definitely

p.s. Santa has decided not to fill Paige’s stocking with pacifiers… so… we’re out. And she’s done. Please pray for her parents.

Dec 23, 2009 035


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14 responses to “Paige’s checklist

  1. Uh oh! Paci detox! At Christmas! Oh Mama, I’m prayin’ for ya!

  2. That last picture is priceless. Good luck with the pacifier detox! If I remember correctly, that can get wicked. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family!

  3. Oh man, she’s really cute!

  4. Oh, she’s so sweet!
    Evan never took a pacifier, so I don’t have a clue what you’re going through. Sorry. Will be praying…

  5. I love love love these pictures! I have pictures of Hannah holding bottles of medicine and got quite the lecture from my uptight SIL (Please, like I’m not right there taking a picture of her holding it with the childproof cap keeping it very tightly closed – ugh)… glad I’m not alone!

    She is absolutely adorable.

    Happy Happy holidays!!

  6. Oh, p.s. Hannah still sucks her thumb. She’s FIVE next month. And sadly, I can’t throw her thumb away. So, Good Luck but if it doesn’t happen this time around – she won’t go to college with it!

  7. My smile just grew a bit bigger with each one of these pictures. And that last one… Too, too cute.

    Good luck with no pacifier…

    Merry Christmas!

  8. She is so, so, so cute! GL with paci detox and teething, ugh. Seriously, she’s the cutest baby ever (and I dig her sweater)

  9. mutheringheights

    Best wished during the withdrawal…oy!

  10. I recommend grain alcohol…for Mama, that is.

    We attempted paci detox several times. This Mama never had the fortitude to last more than a few days of constant whining and sleeplessness.

    Finally, when Miss M. turned 3, we tied her pacifiers to helium balloons and sent them into the sky for “angel babies who needed them.”

    Yep, age THREE! I am weak!

  11. She is so adorable! I hope that bump on her forehead and the teething pain are all better soon! Paci-detox was one of the few things (or so it seems) that we got a break on….Finley just quit on his own. Best of luck with the paci-detox! Maybe some of the Christmas presents (and all those other little treasures pictured) will be a good distraction?

  12. Merry Christmas , Corinne !
    Love to you and your beautiful family.

  13. That last photo is so cute – she is looking at the camera so intently!

  14. I’m totally in love with that last picture of Paige!

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