Constant motion

The thing about life with toddlers is that there’s never a still moment

unless someone is asleep

a dull moment does not exist

Dec 26, 2009 019

They are constantly in motion

Jumping, running, colliding

motion is the definition of children

Dec 26, 2009 022

and if you stop

if you think you need to catch your breath

all that’s left will be the ghost of a monkey jumping on the bed

Dec 26, 2009 023

Motion is the definition of parenting

it’s not a choice once those babes are born

you keep jumping, running, colliding

and we embrace it…


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3 responses to “Constant motion

  1. VERY true!! I love the first photo…story of my life!!

  2. You’ve perfectly captured the non-stop movement that IS life with a toddler! That’s definitely how I feel most days…hardly a chance to catch my breath until nap time and bedtime. What great photos…(you always have such good ones!) Also, I think my Finn would LOVE those trucks and trains on Fynn’s walls…those are so cute!

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