Small, yet heartfelt, acknowledgements

Months ago Lucas and I spent a Saturday or Sunday running around with the kids. Normally we limit our ins and outs because our kids {like everyone else’s} are not a fan of multiple stops when it comes to errands. We had stopped no less than four times, and were headed to our last stop, when from the backseat we heard that a truck had been broken, and couldn’t Daddy fix it? Daddy, on his last string of patience, told him something along the lines that he broke it, so it wouldn’t be getting fixed.

{not a normal thing this Daddy says…. this man totes around the patience of a saint most days, and can fix almost anything that has a wheel popped off, or a bed unattached}

I caught myself reaching to the back, grabbing the truck, and attached the broken piece. We caught each others eyes and snickered, so worn out from buckling and unbuckling, lifting, rushing, keeping hands off of shelves… and he said the magic words to me.

Thank goodness you’re the stay at home parent.

Dec 28, 2009 086

A small, yet heartfelt, acknowledgement.

I take them when I get them. Just as he takes every Thank goodness you have a job that you enjoy, and you’re such a wonderful provider that comes out of my mouth on too few occasion.

Not every woman is cut out to be a career woman. Not every woman is cut out to stay at home with the kids. Not every man has the drive to bring home the bacon, and occasionally, when asked to, fry it up as well. Thankfully, we are cut out for the tasks at hand.

Dec 28, 2009 020

Last night the kids slept poorly, and then woke up too early this morning. With that in mind I canceled a playdate, and had a few small errands in my head that we could do before an early naptime. As we readied ourselves for the day, we talked about what was on our agenda. My agenda. Fynn was not please. So we threw caution to the wind, and flew by the seat of our snowpants. The morning was spent on a muddy yet frozen playground, with snow boots and mittens and hats. We went with the flow. Not all mothers could do that.

This evening, after a Monday that left me with smiles instead of a headache, Fynn came up to me and put my face in his hands. Looked at me and said with a smile You’re a good mommy.

A small, yet heartfelt, acknowledgement. I’ll take it.

Dec 28, 2009 080


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16 responses to “Small, yet heartfelt, acknowledgements

  1. ann

    You are a great photographer. You are also very wise to enjoy those little acknowledgments.

    I’m always racing off towards the next hurdle, and I rarely stop to enjoy even those small accomplishments.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love the photos, Corinne. That first one of Paige? I want to SQUEEZE her!!

    I love to see people being happy where they are in life, for noticing the kind words of support that are offered up amid the chaos.

  3. Don’t you just love those unexpected moments from husbands and kids? Love it!

  4. These are the comments that Keep Us Going. Without them… I don’t think I could keep doing it. We don’t get yearly reviews and merit increases. We get small LOVING acknowledgments like these which make it all worth it.

    Such a sweet post and I love the pictures!

  5. Small heartfelt acknowledgements are BIG to us all, aren’t they? So glad you collected a couple in these last few days. (Those words go a long way to getting us through the head-achey days!)

  6. yes, they do feel so good. and i, too, need to say them more to my husband. beautiful pictures.

  7. Stunning photos!

    So true, not everyone is cut out to be a stay-at-home mother or a working mother. How wonderful it is, how thankful I am, to be able to settle into the nitch that fits me comfortably.

    I think those small acknowledgements are the ones I cherish and carry in my heart the most!

  8. Corinne's Mom

    I agree with Fynn….

  9. So true. Just one little word or phrase can make such a difference.

  10. You ARE a good mommy. I love that last photo.

  11. This was lovely. You’re right. Having those words spoken to us is a good reminder to speak them to others.

  12. Yay for a mommy who says “yes” to the frozen, muddy playground!

  13. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that same thing from my husband. He knows how chaotic and nuts it is around here. And he often sees it on my face when he gets home.

    But I think the same thing about his working full time, two jobs, always gone, always on his feet…we both are working the hardest we ever have, but it’ll all pay off. I just know it all.

    With smart, lovely boys that grow into men with the same characteristics … and all of my husband’s hard work to pay the bills so I can raise these boys means the world to me!

    Love your words and your pictures! Wish we lived closer to one another!


  14. Oh, those are the moments I live for. The warm little hands on my cheeks or the arms wrapped around my thighs. Love them.

    Seems like you’re perfectly well equipped for your job too.

  15. I love the pic of Paige’s little boot– so cute. It is fantastic that you guys appreciate each other. Sometimes, Ben and I fight because we stop noticing how hard the other person works/ have a case of the grass-is-always-greener syndrome. Appreciating your partner is key, I think. (also, love to go to playgrounds all bundled up– very fun!)

  16. Those magic little words make all the difference, don’t they?! I wish I heard it a little more, but I also know I need to be letting my husband know how much I appreciate what HE does too.

    Great photos too, btw! Absolutely beautiful!

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