A day in the life…

8:17am  Husband leaves for work. Children yell “bye! bye! bye Daaaaaaa Deeeeee!!” for ten minutes after he’s out the door.

8:20am I hear “where’d Daddy go?” ten times in a row. I answer “to work” ten times in a row. Get asked again, answer “Constantinople”. Fynn seems more satisfied with that answer.

9am hair drying, screaming children

9:25am Paige is laying on the floor crying, ask Fynn if he hit his sister. His response, with hand in the air – finger pointing as if correcting me… “I not hit my sister, I pushed my sister!”

9:45’ish welcome a phone call from my mama… everyone wants to talk to Grammy.

10:30am reunited with the concept of an early lunch.

11am remind Fynn that he has his special Wall-E underwear on, and he wouldn’t want to pee in them… might have to get ten more of those in order to remain accident free…

11:30am lay down with the kids for naptime, in mommy’s bed. Everyone kisses and hugs, cover with blankets. Wrestling down Paige, snuggling both, am thankful that Fynn is back to needing a nap.

1:00pm naptime ended way too soon, and badly. Screams for no reason from Paige, cries because of the screams from Fynn. Close my eyes, and breathe in the lingering smell of husband from his pillow.

1:10pm everything is made better by sharing chocolate monies, as Fynn calls them. We all have chocolate breath and hands, smiling and giggling over the huge amount of chocolate coins consumed.

2:00pm ask Fynn not to step on books, put books on table. Paige grins from ear to ear, grabs a book, puts it on the floor, and stomps. Oy.

2:30pm realize Paige and I make a decent fort building team (blocks made from empty boxes of wine covered in contact paper, courtesy of my classy little brother =) )

Dec 29, 2009 017

3:30pm prepare dinner, with children underfoot.

4:00pm Fynn tells me he’s hungry, then he pops up out of no where saying I’m eating Doc Hudson. Lovely!

Dec 29, 2009 015

4:15pm start to watch Wall-E with kids, to see why they love it {I’ve never watched it all the way through, still haven’t…}

4:30pm yogurt time. Followed by bath time. Followed by children running around naked time.

5pm dinner in the oven, more Wall-E. Waiting patiently for hubby to get home.

5:10pm while I find a few minutes to read a daily devotional, children decide to try to fold my hamper of clean laundry. Piles and piles of clothes strewn across my bedroom, but smiles of pride as they point to their hard work.

6:07pm husband arrives. Daaaaaa Deeeee!!! Sighs of relief. Hugs, dinner, and playtime.

7:10pm story time… BED TIME!!! Turn on computer, put pj’s on, put feet up, and time to relax……

… that was a day in the life of this mama…


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21 responses to “A day in the life…

  1. Oh my word. This is SO familiar. Except we’re into Princess underwear, not Wall-E. I had to laugh at the book stomping defiance and the “I not hit sister. I PUSH sister.”
    These are the days that make bedtime GLOOOORious.

  2. Almost bedtime here. V. excited. LOVE the blocks– so, so cool.

    (my husband left before they woke up this morning, but they heard his garage door closing and asked me where he was at least 15 time. WTH??)

  3. 1. that’s a lot of wine.
    2. I’m impressed, and a little envious, that you actually get a nap.

  4. So much of this made me totally smile. You tell a good story (or 25 : ) .

  5. NAP! Wait we were done with naps at a year old….

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.. Your day made me tired…. 🙂

  6. Isn’t the relief of your husband’s return incredible? I look forward to that part of my day the most! 🙂

  7. Tee hee hee. It really is hour by hour or minute by minute most days, isn’t it? Good job, mama. Another day under your belt. 🙂

  8. All Moms’ stories are important. Like this one.

  9. Love to see a day in the life. Take care! =)

  10. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Cherish every crazy minute….

  11. I love your account…throw in some gi joes and I am right there!lol

  12. Wait… where are the tantrums? Where are the fights over sharing toys? Where’s the craziness over meal options? Where’s the drama over needing to wear a winter coat outside? Oh right… that would have been MY posting for MY day.

    Loved this. Never a dull moment right?

  13. Absolutely familiar. So much to relate to here. But what really stuck out to me (like Elizabeth) is the ingenuity of the giant wine box bricks. Genius!

  14. This is all sounding eerily familiar, especially for the last few days. Obviously, I’ve only got ONE child driving me crazy, but he’s definitely doing his part. I can pretty much say “ditto” to your whole day. In addition to screaming while I was drying my hair, yesterday mine was also head butting me repeatedly while I was trying to apply makeup!

    And that is a LOT of wine! But those boxes sure do make great building blocks!

  15. Now I know why Monday called for wine and not chai!!

  16. beautiful, blessed, sometimes-crazy day! =)

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