Wearing Paige

I completely forgot.

I forgot how wearing a baby, or toddler, can calm a situation. It had slipped my mind for the past month or so how much I could get done at home if I was wearing one of my little ones.

Maybe it was because my beloved Ergo was stashed in the car, and every time I wanted to use it inside… it was ten degrees outside… and my mei tai was in my closet somewhere hidden behind boxes of Christmas decorations and gifts.

This morning, I remembered.

With a clear shot to the beautiful handmade {by my mother} carrier that I caught a glimpse of over the weekend as I stored decorations, I dawned the fabric, and wore Paige. Within minutes, I remembered.

Dec 30, 2009 017

And I got a lot done. With little fuss, and lots of snuggles.

And even though her stash no longer includes a pacifier, she carried whatever was precious to her, as I carried one of my precious babes.

Dec 30, 2009 025

With her long lashes brushing my chest, and her fingers clasped around her dolly we moved quietly and swiftly through chores today.

Dec 30, 2009 027


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11 responses to “Wearing Paige

  1. sweetness, pure and simple…

  2. Love, love, love the Ergo. I was just singing its praises today while toting Tiny Baby through three different airports. What do mothers of two (or more) do without the option of strapping at least one of them to their fronts or backs? 🙂

  3. Babywearing is simply one of the most amazing parenting concepts ever. It saves me from losing my freakin’ mind daily. Glad you and Paige had so much nice snuggle time today. It really puts a mama and babe into synch.

  4. I miss carrying my babies like that. 😦

  5. I love my mei tai and my Ergo. (And my pouch.) But the mei tai seems snugglier, doesn’t it?

    Even on days when Eli (my 3 yo) is having a hard time, I’ll wear him on my back while I make dinner or whatever. And just those 5-10 minutes of snuggle time, of me showing him I understand that he needs me just then, they do wonders. He gets down, recharged.

    Love this.

    I think I’ll wear them till they’re 10. 😉

  6. p.s. I love the photos. He’s got his little train in that mirror picture. 🙂 And Paige’s little paintbrushes clasped tightly make me smile.

  7. Thank goodness for babywearing! My mei tai has been out in the car…I should bring it in for the winter for this very reason. Thank you for the reminder!

    And I’m loving your new header!

  8. LOVE it! When Jack was little, I wore him 24/7. I miss it and can’t wait to have a new baby someday to snuggle. Ahhhhh.

  9. I miss is it so often. Babywearing. And though I shouldn’t really have to miss it–as my littlest boy is only 20 months or so–I do. Because he’s heavy, this kid, and the wearing/carrying is not so comfortable. But when spring and summer come along and we are ready to go for a hike, I will don the Ergo again and be happy for the “workout” of carrying my youngest boy who’s getting too big for MY britches!

  10. Babywearing is the BEST. I find myself reaching for my ERGO every single day. My baby calms right down when I put her in there…and so do I. 🙂

  11. Love the paint brushes! Reminds me of my little guy. Always with something in his hand.


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