The Saturday Evening Blog Post

Like every first Saturday of each month, Elizabeth Esther is hosting The Saturday Evening Blog Post. This month, instead of celebrating a favorite post from the last month, she’s asked us to celebrate our favorite post from all of 2009.

After much deliberation I decided to share this post. It’s a post that I wrote mostly while sitting on the bathroom floor while my kids played in the tub, at times with tears streaming because of the memories and emotions.

Please head over to The Saturday Evening Blog Post, settle in for some good reading, and share your own favorite post of 2009.


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4 responses to “The Saturday Evening Blog Post

  1. This is probably my favorite post from you ever. Love this one … it’s just so true and beautiful.

  2. Jingle

    great idea, it makes people think and reflect what blogging has brought to us..

    witty thoughts, happy new year.

  3. I loved this so much the first time I read it — so glad you posted it again!

  4. Loved this post–thanks for making sure I got to see it. Beautiful.

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