It would hurt not to blog this

This afternoon seemed never ending. And not in a good way. We made it home, woke up the kids from their car naps, and all you know what broke loose.

So by 5pm we were counting down until bedtime. We told the kids to run around – like usual – to get out all their energy. They did. And then Fynn ran into the edge of an end table with his forehead, which resulted in a purple bandaide smack dab in between his eyes and lots of tears.

He kept pointing to the end table saying it was “very sad.” And it made him “very sad.” And we were all “very sad.”
Jan 3, 2010 003

Paige was also “very sad” and very curious.
Jan 3, 2010 007

She was sympathetic, and showed us on herself with the lense cap where Fynn got hurt.
Jan 3, 2010 008

But our brave little boy decided that what would make him feel better was if we took pictures of everyone. So he instructed first to take a picture of Mommy & Paige {Mom and Paige, rather, but I refuse to acknowledge that he’s now calling me Mom instead of Mommy half the time…}
Jan 3, 2010 022

Then one of Fynn and Daddy
Jan 3, 2010 026

but after that one, I told him we had to take another one where Daddy didn’t look like such a dork {I swear I’m a nice wife, we were all just so punchy tonight…} Then Lucas started saying something about someone sleeping on the couch tonight in between his hysterical laughter
Jan 3, 2010 027

Through this Paige started feeling left out and desperately wanted to read a certain book. A book that no one else particularly enjoys.
Jan 3, 2010 031

Jan 3, 2010 033

Finally, we gave in.
Jan 3, 2010 035

She pointed to the first picture, and made a thoughtful “mmm” noise {which is how she asks what something is}. It was a little boy. With a bad haircut. So I told her “that’s a little boy with an awful haircut.” {again, I’m really a nice person, just punchy…}

Do you know what she did????

She then pointed to her brother!!! Which led to Lucas and myself laughing for about ten minutes with tears streaming down our faces, choking for breath. Because, honestly? Fynn’s haircut right now is the worst one he’s ever had. And we cut it three times in a matter of two days to try and make it better. It did not work.

Oh the honesty that comes from babes!

After we composed ourselves it was time to read Happy Birthday Moon, which is a lovely book. But Lucas read one of the lines, and I commented on the gusto with which it was read, and it was all over. The kids had no idea why daddy had such a hard time finishing the book, or why mommy needed a tissue to dab her eyes with for an hour, literally…

It was a trying afternoon, which thankfully ended in laughter instead of a trip to the ER since the fleshwound wasn’t too deep… we’re so happy that he caught himself on his forehead rather than, say, an eye ball. And we love our kids, so very much.

But seriously, I have not laughed so hard in such a long time. My cheeks still hurt. Right now even the thought of the little boy with the big purple bandaide, and bad hair cut,  is cracking me up. I’m not a horrible mother, or wife, just a punchy mama in need of a hot bath and big cup of chai.



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19 responses to “It would hurt not to blog this

  1. oh, giggling with you. been there! =)

    i need a nice, hot bath, too….but really WANT to blog. i can’t find words, though.

  2. I love these moments, especially at the end of long days.

    Having just come back from a trip myself, I dream of a system wherein some benevolent friend or relative arrives at your house the minute you walk in from a trip to give you an hour or two to unpack and decompress before going on about the business of life at home.

    Of course then you would have missed this particular magical memory in your house!

  3. This just killed me! I’m wiping away tears after reading this — tears of laughter for once!

    I can so relate…and I’d bet anything that any parent who reads this can comment saying that they’ve been there, too!

    Not a bad mom or wife at all…just one who understands that sometimes, the only way you can react to certain days is to laugh!

  4. That’s a great story. =)
    Any laughter in the family is good. May you get your chai tonight.

  5. I love that feeling of laughing till it hurts!

    Enjoy your chai…

  6. I love that I can totally picture this now. (Although I totally didn’t notice the bad haircut during our visit!) 🙂
    Enjoy the chai on this punchy evening. You’ve no doubt earned it!

  7. When I was 11 an ER doctor told me “Wasn’t God smart? Making our foreheads such a big portion of our faces?” …as she was putting 7 stitches in my forehead from a monkey bar laceration.

    He was very smart indeed.

    Glad your little one is otherwise intact and that you had such a fun night together. The greatest joy in life is the joy we share with our family!

  8. I just love how we crack ourselves up and I’m cracking with you! Laughing out loud here, literally.

    Totally relating to never-ending afternoons where all you-know-what breaks loose. Thanks for delivering a bit of sunshine to my bloggy world!

    I hope you’re reading this AFTER your bath and chai. 🙂

  9. I laughed out loud @ Paige pointing at Fynn, lol.. love it. Hope Fynn’s head feels better soon!

  10. Totally giggled my way through this. (And you have such cute kiddos.)

  11. Oh little guy!

    AND I SOOO loved the part about asking your husband to take another one where he didn’t look like a dork. I say that ALL OF THE TIME!

    And I, too, swear I’m a nice wife. lol


  12. Those pictures are precious.

    I’m no stranger to fixing bad haircuts either. Sadly – most seem to be bad…

  13. That grumpy look on her face is hysterical!! I’m glad the little guy got off with a flesh wound!

  14. this is hilarious… so happy i stumbled upon it!
    isn’t it amazing how compassionate a baby can be?
    very sweet.

  15. Laughter is indeed gold. Wonderful, honest post stuffed with love and life and yes, exasperation. We are all allowed to be punchy now and then. Precious pictures.

    Happy to be back here! 2010 is going to be a good one.

  16. Sounds like we both may have the same sense of humor…

    Sometimes Haylee gets so upset with me when she is hurt and I am like hold on let me get a picture of that…

  17. I’m in such desperate need for a belly laugh. I love more than ANYTHING a good, tear infested belly laugh. I loved living through this with you! The pictures are priceless. I’m glad Fynn is ok and you were all able to laugh it off (even if it was at his expense in some of it!).

  18. Hilarious! I love those moments (and I love giving Harry my camera)

  19. I’m a little late to chime in, but this was TOO funny! I’m glad you were able to laugh about it too, and I’m SUPER glad you took pictures and blogged about it. The bandaid. Paige’s comment about Fynn’s hair. Priceless! What I want to know is how in the world you got Fynn to hold still for those haircuts….(or maybe he didn’t hold still, hence the need to “fix” it?) 🙂

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