A friendly reminder

Whether on a finger or a brush

Jan 4, 2010 020

Even though it’s non toxic

Jan 4, 2010 021

Do not ever eat finger paint

Jan 4, 2010 022

** Fynn did not consume finger paint, only felt deep sympathy for his sister who put at least a tablespoon of green and purple paint in her mouth. Twice.



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14 responses to “A friendly reminder

  1. What does it say about me that I laughed out loud and then showed these pictures to Husband? Am I a depraved individual to crack up at little kids in distress? ­čÖé (And that forehead bandaid just slays me.)

  2. Booling

    I feel a little bad about myself for how hard I laughed at this.

  3. These are the BEST sad faces I’ve ever seen. And I hope you had a glass of wine when everyone’s tears were wiped away!

  4. toby

    Got to say, She’ll be a scientist when she grows up.
    “This was bad before, but that could have been a statistical fluke… this time… this, is for POSTERITY!”

  5. …and you sat there and took pictures. I just about DIED laughing at this.

  6. I’m so sorry to laugh at Paige’s misfortune. But what a sweetie Fynn is for sharing in her pain. Empathy is a wonderful thing.
    And those pictures are hilarious.

  7. Oh no! Too cute, though. Cracks me up that she did it twice!!

  8. Laughing….
    They’re cute even when they’re in grave distress! (And love that you snapped pictures right in the middle of it!)

  9. You made me smile this morning.
    Sorry it may be at the expense of your cutie pies.

  10. Awww, boo boo faces are PITIFUL!

    Poor babies–with bloggers as moms they don’t stand of chance of avoiding embarrassment years down the road!


  11. I’m so sorry that I cracked up over your kids’ distress…but those photos are just hysterically adorable! Fynn’s such an empathetic little guy, what a wonderful big brother his is to Paige!

  12. Okay, that was not supposed to be funny. But you knew that ­čÖé And it was!

    Hey, you should join us at http://highcallingblogs.com I think you’d probably get featured sometime! ­čÖé

  13. awwwww babies!!!!

    Isn’t it amazing that our young children can feel such empathy for their siblings that they cry when their little siblings cry? Wow, that was a loaded sentence!! ­čśë


  14. Oh, they are so very adorable! Such darlings!!! Blessings!

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