Behind the easel

Jan 6, 2010 002

Three sets of feet
giggles and squeals
chalk scratching the board
drawing fast
erasing faster
friendships foraged
pink and yellow dust settles
childhood lingers behind the easel

Jan 6, 2010 007



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12 responses to “Behind the easel

  1. Beautiful! I love this … you have once again inspired me.

  2. We had that same chalkboard. My kids broke it in about 3 days.

  3. Ashlee

    I love this! Thanks for such a great day today.

  4. I can’t wait to start using Casey’s easel! I think he’s still too little right now though.. we’ve tried using crayons, and he’ll just eat them.

  5. What a precious moment!!! I love it when siblings are friends too!

  6. What a great way to end my (less than great) day. You capture this moment perfectly – twice! Beautiful words and magical pictures. Lovely!

  7. LOVE this– the feet are adorable, and I love your poem

  8. Isn’t that so true — love how you express the wonder that is the friendship between siblings. Today must be a poetry type of day as I had a poem lingering in my mind all day long and just had the chance to get it out on paper eeerrr my blog. lol. Is it colder than ice by you, too?

  9. Very sweet and love the easel!


  10. Love the poem, love the picture! What a sweet post.

    Where’d you find that easel? I’ve been hoping to pick up one for Sean but the ones I’ve come across either cost and arm & a leg, or look like it could come crumbling down if he so much as touched it with a paintbrush.

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