Elbow deep, five stories high

I am elbow deep in tissues.

And poopy diapers, and runny noses, and sore throats. Moments where you wonder if you should wipe a baby bum or nose first {always the baby bum…} moments filled with is it really that necessary for them not to dance on the table? Everything takes so much effort.

This morning before he left, I asked Lucas to bring out the tv. He knew better than to oblige, instead setting up the laptop with a movie for Fynn. But I was desperate.

Now I’m floating five stories up thanks to some cold medicine, and some energy hijacked from a Diet Coke {I know… clear liquids…} It lets me smile instead of wallow. Because wallowing is a friend to no one.

We rest, and snuggle, and head butt, and snuggle and giggle. All a little more silently thanks to the sore throats. They want love, I give them love. They want veggie chips for lunch, today they got veggie chips for lunch. We give to each other and we feel warmth. We feel five stories higher than we should. We rest because, ultimately, there’s a girls night that will possibly involve sushi that I will be at tomorrow night. Because even though I might not be able to taste the spicy tuna rolls, I’ll feel the warmth that comes with friendship, in the passing of a tissue and turning a blind eye to red runny noses.

Chicken nuggets cooking, movie in progress, naps completed. My fingers are gliding and and typing because I need them to. Stringing together sentences that I didn’t know could exist.

Now there is a glow worm playing classic melodies in a cabinet where it was deliberately placed with the tupperware. There is a little boy telling me he just went pee pee {and not in the bathroom} and in the same breath he needs a little something to eat. And I am elbow deep, and five stories high, still smiling, still moving, still wiping noses and dishing out chicken nuggets and veggie chips.



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18 responses to “Elbow deep, five stories high

  1. “What she had please!” Pee-pee and eating, gee not much changes after they grow up. Here’s to finding music in your cabinets! Thanks for inviting me in, enjoyed the company.

    Tammy@If Meadows Speak…
    (“pony up” 😉 )

  2. Ps. All the “ponys” can be found at gypsymama… 🙂

    Riding into sunset now,

    Tammy@if meadows speak…

  3. Ah, friend, I hope you feel better soon. And I sure hope you can taste those spicy tuna rolls tomorrow. (My absolute favorite too!! Not a surprise, Kindred Spirit.) 🙂

  4. I loved reading this, Corinne. It’s beautifully written, but also, you take me into the details that are exhausting, full, exhausting, unrelenting, but up to that fifth story feeling with you – stubbornly and poignantly.

    I’ve been reading a number of blogs this afternoon – mostly mothers though not all – and I am reminded again of the astonishing amount of work that goes into parenting, day in and day out, all across this country, by very smart women. And with little to no recognition.

    It’s damn hard work and no time off for good behavior. So – from a stranger who’s at the tail end of this active parenting journey (2 years to go – but who’s counting?) – let me say bravo. And to all the moms (especially) in the thick of it. Every. tiring. day.

    The hardest job you’ll ever love. Right?

  5. You write very eloquently for being five stories high… sometimes that’s how it goes. 🙂

    I hope you’re all feeling better soon.

  6. Wait. Diet Coke isn’t a clear liquid? 🙂 In my house, it is referred to as “the nectar of the gods” – good for all that ails you.

    Is it odd to say that some of my favorite posts of yours have come when you’re not feeling well? Nevertheless, I hope you all feel better soon, friend!

  7. Loved this writing, Corinne.
    And fingers crossed that you’re all feeling better soon.
    Enjoy the night out, I would say you could use it big time!

  8. I hope everyone feels better. I know how tough sometimes it is to be elbow deep in anything — especially when a cold is involved. Sounds like you handled the day well. 🙂

  9. I hope you feel better! And have fun with the girls… I’m in need of one of those too!

  10. I hope you all feel better soon!

  11. Two words: Extra Wasabi!!!!!! That’ll clean those sinuses out!

    Sorry you are sick but very proud of you for your sunny outlook. I’m be in the fetal position, wallowing.

  12. Lovely post stuffed with exasperation and humor and reality. Parenthood and sickness is a cruel combination (as I have learned myself over the past little bit) but you somehow manage to still paint a compelling portrait that makes me smile and nod at once. Love it.

  13. I hope you all feel better soon.. it’s not nice when kids are sick, and worse when you’re not feeling good yourself either and all you want to do is rest 😦

  14. Oh dear. Hope you’re all better soon (and that no one – including you – gets pink eye)!

  15. I hope you feel better soon.

  16. I’m amazed that you can write so eloquently while sick and tending to mommy duties! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  17. Yes, I’ve been there too. You are doing a great job. Somehow us mamas just keep moving, don’t we? Beautifully written.

  18. Lovely, honest post! Hope you & the kids are all feeling better soon. Enjoy that girls’ night out — they’re so precious and always much-needed!

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