Couldn’t resist

I could not resist taking these pictures…

Our little teething lady

Into everything {hence the price tag… no… she’s not up for sale at the low price of $1.49, nor did I purchase her at Trader Joe’s}

Jan 9, 2010 003

And those eyes {her father’s} absolutely make my heart stop

Though the bags underneath we could live without… they {hers and ours} come with the bulging gum territory

One day, she will have all of her teeth. And we will throw a party. With cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes {can you tell what’s really on my mind today? I’m thinking of you cupcake ladies!}

and possibly some wine

But for now, I’ll take her whine, kiss her cheeks, and tickle under her chin until her whines turn to giggles

and her hazel eyes glimmer with laughter

Jan 9, 2010 006



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12 responses to “Couldn’t resist

  1. Booling

    I thought she had a Popsicle and couldn’t figure out how she was eating it so cleanly!!

  2. priceless ­čÖé
    oh the teething… i worried my daughter wasn’t going to have any teeth! but the first one finally arrived at 14 months ­čÖé i wish i had thought of having cupcakes &wine!

  3. She is priceless(even with the price tag!). So unfair that these little innocent kids gave to deal with the razor sharp teeth poking through their gums! Luke chews on anything and everything to ease the pain.
    And you’re right, soon enough all those pearly whites will be in and that smile will make you melt as much as her eyes!

  4. I’ve been thinking about those cupcake ladies too. I bet they are having a blast. I hated when my kids were teething. I think I hate it even more now that my granddaughter is teething.

  5. Lovely photos and lovely sentiments for a lovely little lass.

  6. Corinne! You make me giggle. The visual of “1.49” plastered on a cherub forehead will be stuck in my head, all through church. Hopefully another giggle doesn’t escape while sitting next to some strangers! I’ve be thinking of “sale” item all morning. So a beautiful item too!

  7. Why thank you! I will be pleased to purchase her for the bargain price of $1.49!! That kind of cuteness for under two bucks! Unthinkable!

    Miss M., by the way, sometimes sports eye-bags like that…I always tell my mom that she’s “sporting the Billy Joel look” on those days. ­čÖé

  8. When she graduates from high school and you make a poster with pictures of her throughout her life, make sure that one gets a place somewhere in the middle. =^)

  9. Awww, poor Mama and baby!

    Thinking of you both right now.

    Your Friend,
    Nell Taliercio

  10. Oh that is too cute with the price tag! We have a teether in our house right now too! Her sleep “schedule” is all out of whack because of it. And yes, we all have bags under our eyes as well!

    p.s…love your blog!

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