These moments, these hours

Our days go by so quickly. One minute we’re fighting off walking alarms clothed in warm fleecy pajamas, the next they’re snuggling with blankies and loving on tattered elephants. We sit, we play, we laugh and love. Our days are slow in the moments, fast in the hours.

I breathe, taking the long moments as they come.

Moments filled with toddler anguish, one year olds coloring off  white couches with purple dry erase markers, snack bowls and emails.

Hours of play. Hours of laundry.

Seconds that stop me in my tracks, with the surprise of a lingering sweetness in the back of my mouth from licorice tea.

A whole day passes with 12 hours of my baby girl wanting to hold a finger, any finger, just to be close.

A week of snow. A month of cold. A season of indoor play and longing for warm sunbeams.

These slow moments and fast hours are ours for the taking. Long and drawn out, sometimes sweet, always envied by someone. They’re ours, every fleece covered second.



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19 responses to “These moments, these hours

  1. As much as I complain about the cold, being inside with my two year old has really given us some extra-close time together. We’ve had moments lately that normally we don’t have in the busyness of summer and nice weather.
    And I hope the couch isn’t purple. 🙂
    Wonderfully worded, as always, Corinne.

  2. the truest cliche about parenting is that the days are long and the years are fast. since I started reading your blog religiously, I have been trying really hard to stop and appreciate my beautiful little boys in a real way– hugging and kissing them, petting them, smelling them, even. thanks 🙂

  3. Mmm…you get it. You know the secret.

    Slowing. Living the moment. Knowing what really matters.

    Thank you for showing us all of that and more in a few words, a few scenes, a few glimpses inside your life.

  4. Beautiful and loving every fleece covered second! Corrine, what vivid pictures that bring a warm smile to my face. Wow.

  5. What a lovely post. My sentiments, exactly.

  6. Time does rush around. After our weeks of waiting out the snow and our month of below-freezing cold, I was almost reluctant to take my boy outside this afternoon (upper 30s! practically balmy!).
    Almost. But he was delighted. And we didn’t hurry.
    Loved this post – it was like a pause button for the season. Thanks!

  7. liz

    Seconds that stop me in my tracks, with the surprise of a lingering sweetness in the back of my mouth from licorice tea.

    …love it!

  8. You are an inspiration. =)

  9. Feeling a little sad over here because the days of having a finger-holding baby are over for me…

    Enjoy. So nicely put.

  10. Such a wonderful experience to be with our precious. The innocence, the purity and the beauty has kept us rapt in the timeless dimension of love. 🙂

  11. I seem to be crying easily lately. And you’re not helping my crying issue with these beautiful posts! 🙂

    Oh, and I just love your header picture. Just LOVE it.

  12. Absolutely beautiful, Corinne.

  13. “lingering sweetness in the back of my mouth from licorice tea”

    “They’re ours, every fleece covered second”

    Do you ever write poetry? I believe you do, even if not intentionally.

  14. Ah, how beautiful! I know from the perspective of having a 12 year old down to a 10 month old, that the long and drawn out days go all too quickly by–because my 12 year old used to be my 10 month old and I still do not know where time went!

  15. so so beautiful and true.
    you get it .
    and tell it well.

  16. I wanted to drop by again and let you know that I enjoyed this so much that I included it in the post scheduled to go up tomorrow morning at Thanks for sharing your moments, your hours…

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  18. “Our days are slow in the moments, fast in the hours.”



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