Lurking in the greens

Word on the bloggy street is that it’s Delurker Day… a day where the folks who lurk around blogs show themselves in the comments…

Jan 13, 2010 003

I always wonder who really reads this. I know there’s a few of you. Some post regularly, others read and run. Which is totally fine. I’ve been known to do the same.

Jan 13, 2010 006

But sometimes I want to shout a big “Helllloooooooo!!!!!!!!” into my computer screen, the portal to this crazy blog world.

Jan 13, 2010 009

So if you’re reading this today, say hello! Would love a chance to say thanks for reading, or just eat your veggies… 😉

Jan 13, 2010 010



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34 responses to “Lurking in the greens

  1. Corinne's Mom

    I ALWAYS read your blog…but 99.99% of the time I am a “read and run”….but after your plea for a “hello” .. here it is .. HELLO! You are doing a wonderful job and I thank you a million times over for keeping it up, illuminating and inspiring my life, and bringing smiles, laughs, tears, love and joy when I read and think about what you have written. Thank you … I love you!

  2. I mentioned you at my blog today. I just wanted you to know I appreciate you!

  3. Saying hello to one of my favorites on NDD, which is what I’m calling it.

  4. Not a lurker, but a lover! Love your blog. Thanks Corrine.

  5. Oh, to have Paige’s eyelashes…

  6. Ashlee

    Hello!! Got to love that little girl. She is just so dang cute!

  7. Look at those eyelashes! My oh my. And her enthusiasm for Caesar salad is similarly admirable. My son fishes for green things in deep jars and containers, but he’s looking for pickles, not lettuce.

  8. Hello! Your daughter is adorable.

  9. I lurked. Paige is simply stunningly cute. You are blessed!

  10. Hellloooo!
    Thoughtful, interesting blog.
    I always enjoy what you have to add over at Aidan’s.

    Way to go Fynn (and dilligent mommy)! My niece has an epi-pen-on-her-waist peanut allergy. I feel for children and parents who have such scary allergies.

  11. I love hearing from your Mom. Love it. (And you know I’m always here, whether I comment on each post or not.) xo

  12. Wow! There’s a de-lurker day? Awesome!!!

  13. Helllooooo! 🙂 Too cute, great shots of your little Sweetie.

  14. Never knew there was an official de-lurker day! Love it!

    And… ::waving hi!:: I read every post! 🙂

  15. Hellooo from me as well x x

  16. liz

    hey there! (i think) i catch every post…and love ’em! xoxo

  17. HELLLOO!!!! I wish I had known about this day earlier… I would have mentioned it over at my place too. I know I have some consistent readers who read and run too. I’d love to know what they’re thinking too!

    Once again – love the pictures!

  18. Well, you know I’m here. Helloooooooooooo! I love your blog, and judging from all the comments on this post, so does everyone else!! 🙂

  19. Blythe

    Hey there 🙂

  20. You know me, but hello anyway. I love your blog!!

  21. Such adorable photos! Thank you for being such a good commenter at my blog! Hope you’re having a wonderful day.


  22. Jen

    Delurker? I love it. I don’t however love Brussels sprouts. Did I ID those correctly?

  23. on behalf of high calling blogs, i would like to welcome you as a member.

    i hope that you will come, connect and feel a part of the group. there are a lot of fine people involved and some very interesting things happening.

    here is a link that gives a few answers to questions with a link to ask questions and relate suggestions.

    Love to you.

  24. Oh Corinne, give your mom hugs from the blogging community. Isn’t it nice to have the support of your mom, know that she reads and get a comment every once in a while.

    Over and over again you put up the most beautiful photographs. Love them. Love the blog. Love you!

  25. First: Helloooooo……

    Second: Your pictures are SO cute!

    Third: I love reading your blog and look forward to it every day. I’m so glad I found it!

  26. Nicki

    I read. I comment sometimes. I love the pics of the salad/veggies and your little one.

  27. Sometimes I just lurk…but I always enjoy your posts!!

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