Snow and snot filled weekend

Our weekend started with sunshine and snowy adventures at the grandparents

Jan 17, 2010 005

Sleds and smiles

Jan 17, 2010 024

New warm hats and gazes filled with wonder and curiosity about this white fluffy stuff

Jan 17, 2010 027

Jackets and snowpants, boots and two pairs of socks on each foot

Jan 17, 2010 044

Then came the fevers. And the snot. Ice cream for dinner to bring a three year old back to life {only at Grandma’s!}

Jan 17, 2010 070

And a sleepless night that left us all dragging. Stuffed up noses that left little ones without the ability to eat much {except ice cream…} and a toddler who cried and cried because no one would read to her from a guide to the Bible.

Jan 17, 2010 073

But we’d do it again in a heartbeat.



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18 responses to “Snow and snot filled weekend

  1. Oh I know…those colds are just inevitable this time of year! With three kids this year, there is always one of us who is sick…then we all just pass it around. It looks like you had a lot of fun anyway and I’m still lol-ing about your daughter crying ’cause no one would read her the Bible guide…too cute!

  2. Guess what… us too! Yay for colds! I’d rather have colds in the winter than in the summer. Talk about a buzz-kill!!! Anyway, hot chocolate is good for colds, right? Along with the ice cream? We swear by it! Of course, it has to have marshmallows and cool whip. It’s all for medicinal purposes, of course.

    Hope you get over your colds soon. Here’s a tip (don’t consider it unsolicited advice): Oil of Oregano. Clears up a cold every time. Of course, not pleasant for the kids to take, but it’ll knock it right out of them. Good luck.

  3. 1. Your kids are gorgeous; 2. These photos are gorgeous; 3. These sentiments are gorgeous, snot and all!

  4. Once again, you got me with your pictures. Amazing.
    I hope everyone feels better! Keep feeding them that icecream! xx

  5. The kiddos make me smile every single time!


  6. My two favorite picks, those baby doll eyes under knitted blue hat with pink and then same baby doll eyes, not so dolly, just upset. She LOVES to read, eh? Last time she was jumping in the action in efforts to get Daddy to read. She’s a cutie!

  7. The very same thing happened here — I let Clark play in the snow and he immediately got a runny nose and cough. We didn’t have a sled though — yours looks super fun!

  8. Such sweet pictures. Sorry all the fun had to end like that. Hope they are feeling much better soon.

  9. Oh my goodness! Your children are so adorable, Corinne. I don’t know how you keep away from biting those cheeks!
    Sorry to hear they don’t feel well. Hope they get over it quick!

  10. I love the adorable hats! Snow is good fun for kids–too bad that this momma hates it. ­čÖé Maybe we just see too much of it to be awed. Great pics!

  11. Fynn’s expression in the sledding picture is absolutely priceless! And Paige with the book…she just melts my heart!

  12. I know it’s wrong, but I laughed out loud at Paige wanting someone to read her that book. Such a familiar scene!
    Hope you guys are on the mend. We’re getting piled up in snow here now, so I foresee some sledding in our future. Hopefully without the fevers and snot to follow!

  13. Fantastic pictures. Wonderful window into the reality of parenthood, the moments we celebrate, the ones that wipe us out, and the ones we’d never trade. Lovely.

  14. Beautiful children, great pictures!

    And yes, no matter what — I think most of us would heartily agree: We’d do it all again. I know I would.

  15. gosh, would ya read the child the guide to the Bible already… ­čÖé Hilarious.

    Love the pictures.

  16. It’s both a blessing and curse to be away from home. But at grandma’s house, and with ice cream, it’s mostly all okay.

    You are a storyteller and I love all the stories. I always feel the reflections of your words.

    Thank you.

  17. Wow so cute and sweet!Hope you guys have enjoyed a lot on snow.I love snow.Its like magic. It is like someone waved a wand and turned that dreary rain to fluffy bits of fun.Thanks for sharing.

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