Unwrapping Tuesday Morning

This morning we had plans.

To get up early, get ourselves and the kids ready, and go vote as a family. There’s an election today in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we have every intention of letting our voices be heard. We both feel strongly about our right to vote, and want to pass that on to our children. I personally still get giddy whenever I enter the polling booths. I love it. I love the sense of community, how empowering it feels to slide the ballot into the take-your-ballot machine {it was a long night… I can’t think of the name…} In any case, I love to vote. And since I love my country, I vote whenever I can.

But this morning, we have a sick little girl who didn’t sleep all that well. She tried to snuggle early morning hours away in between her mommy and daddy, though I don’t think sleep was really involved from about 4:30 until maybe 5:30’ish. Fynn came running in to wake us shortly after 6, and Lucas quietly got out of bed and left me with the sleeping sniffly pink fleece clad girl cub.

When she’s sick, she’s softer than normal. Her cheeks take on this glow {yes, I’m aware it’s the flush of fever…} and it’s all I can do to hold myself back from rubbing my cheek to hers as she sleeps. To warm my cool cheeks. To feel her breath. To love on her like nothing else.

At 7:30 Lucas came in. Whispered that it was snowing. Asked if we should let her sleep. With me.

I nodded.

Half an hour later he came in to say he was leaving, and Paige woke up at the sound of her daddy’s voice. Fynn came back in, climbed up in bed with me and my girl, and welcomed us to this snowy morning. Lucas kissed us all goodbye and headed out the door to perform his civic duty on his own today.

Mark my words, I will get out to vote today. If I’m feeling adventurous it will be this afternoon with the kids, possibly still in their jammies and dawning winter hats. But most likely it’ll be this evening after Lucas comes home. I’ll grab my coat and keys, kiss three sets of cheeks and head out myself.

This morning I took the cues. This morning was meant for smelling sweet toddler morning breath, for carefully sipping hot tea with a lap full of pj wearing kiddos, for gazing out at big fat snowflakes. This morning was meant for us, and we oblige and unwrap it carefully, savoring every last bit.


Please visit Emily at Chatting at the Sky for more Tuesday’s Unwrapped. You’ll find simple moments and simple mysteries unwrapped in everyday life. Enjoy!


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18 responses to “Unwrapping Tuesday Morning

  1. Ambrosia

    I also feel a civic duty to vote. Right now, though, I am in a state of transition. I don’t get involved in local politics because I don’t feel it is my home. It is strange to think this way because I am usually very civic minded.

    I hope your little darling gets better quick. Although, it is kind of nice to have that snuggle time with an otherwise active child.

  2. You are a good mother, Corinne.
    Hope your little angel is feeling better soon.

  3. I love the your unwrapped moment of pj’s, big snowflakes, and for gazing with family. I unwrapped it in my mind and pictured it too.

  4. So sweet. And you are smart to snuggle in close now — these days will not be forever.

    I hope your cutie feels better soon.

  5. I’m here from Emily’s Tuesdays Unwrapped and you had me at Twizzlers. Now you’re in my reader!

    Your morning sounds absolutely perfect. You can vote every two or three years, but that moment was once forever!

  6. i love when i can accept and settle into the plans that He had… and let go of my own. His are always better… but the accepting… that is not always easy. picturing you all snug with your kiddos, sipping your steaming tea… and wishing i was home with mine.

    (and i’m not sure i knew you lived in MA! (but maybe i did…) i grew up there!)

  7. Amy

    I too am home with a sick little girl today. It was so nice to let her sleep instead of rushing her off to school today. It is so much fun to cuddle next to her. I hope your little one is feeling better.

  8. *grin* You get “sweet” toddler morning breath, huh? Lucky you! Piper’s morning breath could kill a body!

    I’ve been meaning to return comments, and I’m just finding time today. You have been *such* an encouragement to me in recent weeks – I totally wish I lived around the corner from you so we could hang out in person!

    I really appreciate you!

  9. Nice. So often I get caught up in the to-do that I forget to cuddle. Working on that. 🙂

    You grew up homeschooled? So did I! 🙂 My preferred study spot was a hammock on our deck, high above the lake, within the whisper of the breeze. Beats a classroom anyday!

  10. so nice to meet you! Found you over at chatting at the sky!

    Hugs and get out and vote! Hope your little one feels better soon.


  11. “This morning was meant for us, and we oblige and unwrap it carefully, savoring every last bit.”



  12. As sad as it is when our kids are sick, something about a cuddly, snoozey little child is so precious. You did the right thing curling up with your little ones. Even if she hadn’t been sick, I would have chosen that cozy morning!

  13. Just lovely, Corinne. Hoping that Paige feels better soon and that you get plenty of those cuddles until she does. Therapy for Mama and Baby.

  14. I hope Paige feels better soon. This was a beautiful post.

  15. Good for you for knowing just what your family needed most! And it sounds like {aside from the sickies} it was a great, cuddly morning! I’m jealous of your snow…

  16. I just had to bop back one more time to say that I loved Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions. She tells it like it is!

    Thanks for visiting Graceful today…hope you get to the library, sans kids, soon!

  17. I smiled, reading your words. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit, but I secretly cherish the days when Miss D. has some little bug–she has ADHD and is normally so wired and fiery and unable to be still…

    Cuddles from her are so rare, and even if it takes a little fever to sneak them from her, I’ll take it.

  18. Corinne, your morning sounded so wonderful. Snuggling with your little ones is one of the best feelings in the world.

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