Flickering Flame

The flame stretches, arm out to the world

Open, exposed

Shivering in the cold air of a quiet room

A sweet spot exposed, where the flame meets the wick

encompassed by a shimmering puddle of hot turquoise wax

The whiteness of the newly exposed wick, and see the charred blackness within the flame

Darkness needed to fuel the light

The fire reaches down, turns light to dark, and becomes brighter

Blues, oranges and yellows rise to the silent occasion, becoming more brilliant as the moments pass

Flickering in the open air

Brilliance lighting the hidden corners, with hints of charred blackness

Jan 23, 2010 003



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6 responses to “Flickering Flame

  1. So serene and eloquent. The last line is perfect – as is the photo.

  2. You have an incredible talent — this was beautiful.

  3. “the fire reaches down”

    I liked that. Yay, you are writing poetry! ­čÖé

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  5. beautiful , Corrine. And the photo is so peaceful.

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