Color me blue

This week I’ve taken a little break from this space. At first it was unintentional {and yes, only two days, but to me… that’s a lot considering my ocd type nature when it comes to posting…} but then I realized it wasn’t such a bad thing, and conciously decided not to post yesterday.

And frankly, I wasn’t planning on posting today either. But then I saw that Beth’s challenge for today was color. And I looked around and saw it. For maybe the first time in a few days. And it blew me away. How brilliant and bright things are in my own home, even when sometimes the days are dreary, snowfilled and even a bit tearful.

Color is what it’s about. Bring it on, even if my color is a bit blue around the edges this week…

Jan 28, 2010 003

Jan 28, 2010 007

Jan 28, 2010 009

Jan 28, 2010 010


Check out Beth at I Should Be Folding Landry for more lovely captures. This weeks You Capture Challenge was color.



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25 responses to “Color me blue

  1. Indeed it is all about the color. And as I have said before: “Children are like throw pillows; They add a much-needed punch of color to the beige couch of adulthood.”

    May your day be stuffed with kids and color.

  2. Lolo

    I, too, had to choose to see the colors around me this week. Your photos are great, the colors are so bright! Definitely nice to see on these gray days.

  3. Up! I love that movie so, so, so much. I have yet to watch it without crying. Okay, sobbing. Whatever.

    I’m glad you posted your color today!

  4. Abby

    I really like how you captured colour, very creative. I especially like the last one. Great blog, by the way!

  5. mamarissa

    I love that knitted…blanket? Scarf? Either way – such beautiful colors!

    I haven’t been keeping up with my reader so it’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you – I hope you’re well! ­čÖé

  6. I love the color in the yarn–my favorite! It’s amazing the colors around us, that we don’t see every day. =)

  7. Color is hugely important to some of us. And mood dampening or mood enhancing. (Think red, think orange, think violet, think goldenrod – and shoo that blue!)

    I may enjoy the look of serene neutrals and minimalism, but give me fiery color and the clutter of real life any day. May your blues drift away. . . meanwhile, drop $2 for supermarket balloons, all colors, then you and the kids blow them up, and tape them to the cabinets, the walls, the ceiling. Balloon your kitchen! (Guaranteed winter blues-buster.)

  8. Beautiful colors. Sorry to hear the color you’re wearing lately is blue. It’s been a bit dreary around us, hasn’t it? Hang in there, friend.

  9. Beautiful colors!! The pen lids was a great idea!

  10. Your pictures are fabulous — I love how vibrant the colors are!

  11. I’ve been hangin’ with the blue for a while, too. (((hugs)))

  12. I have actually missed you and your beautiful photos! These are gorgeous and actually, when I’m blue (as I have been) bring on the color! I have some striking pink tulips brightening my kitchen today!

  13. A break is good for all of us, sometimes. The photo is beautiful!

  14. I love UP. Beautiful, colorful captures.

  15. That blanket is gorgeous. Such great colors!

  16. Beautiful shots!
    This challenge has opened my eyes as well to all the colors around me. It is way too easy to overlook some days.
    Thanks for sharing and hope your days get brighter!

  17. I like your photos….you’re a wonderful photographer!

  18. I was a bit blue around the edges a few weeks ago and I didn’t like it one bit.

    Here’s to you feeling yellow, green, orange, and purple with sparkles on top really soon.


    p.s. LOVE the movie UP!

  19. Love the scarf in the last picture! Such bright colors!

  20. Those are some awesome photos, Corinne! Have a beautiful weekend with your beautiful family. Blessings!

  21. *wail* I SO want to do this! *breathes* “new computer coming, new computer coming…” And LOTS of pictures too…

    Understand the not-blogging thing. It’s really amazing to realize that we don’t HAVE to write every day, isn’t it? SO freeing!

  22. Love where you found color in your house! Is that the movie ‘Up’? I so love that movie!

  23. What amazing colors! Great pictures!

  24. Love these pictures! Up is one of our favorites right now. So cool that it got nominated for a Best Picture Oscar this morning!

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