Sleepy Saturday

Today I slept in. Until 9:45.
I’m not kidding.
I’m married to the most wonderful man who not only keeps the kids entertained for a full morning, but also deep cleans the living room carpets at the same time. Seriously. Love him.

Then I left in the early afternoon to have lattes with one of my best friends. My husband even encouraged me to leave early so I could have some quiet time. By myself. Again… love him.

So I did. I drove a few towns over, parked the car and walked through the brisk air to the locally owned coffee shop. My gingerbread mocha was perfect, and the chocolate chip cookie delish. I sat and listened to the next table over talk about how Hans Solo and Princess Leia have several children… smiled to myself and then dove into an essay by Anne Lamott. It was Red Cords. I brought the book for my friend to borrow, and flipped it open to read the quote:

“I’m sorry I was awful.” I said “I don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes. Everything gets to be too much and I can’t breathe”.

Oh Anne… you get me…

I can always pick up something that she’s written and feel like she’s in my head.

My friend came, and we sat and talked. About grown up things. We laughed about politics {what else can you do…} We cried a little about a few things. Then we laughed some more.

These moments, these grown up moments that sometimes make you feel like you’re the one who is three years old asking “what are you saying??” these moments that seem so life altering and scary… need to be owned and embraced. All of them. Even the ones that seem as wild and crazy as the frigid January air.

But they can be tamed with chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread mochas. They can be taken on after the first good nights sleep in months. And on a good day, those scary January moments fade into warm snuggles with a toddler who holds onto a book instead of a dolly as she drifts off to sleep…

Jan 30, 2010 006
{sorry for the fuzziness of this photo… a mama can only do so much while being sneaky and trying not to wake the little one…}



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16 responses to “Sleepy Saturday

  1. your saturday sounds… lovely. every bit. the clean floors, the laughter & tears… friendship & gingerbread lattes. and sweet sleeping littles. it all made me sit back and sigh… and wish my day had been just a little calmer. but you deserve a day for you 🙂

  2. It sounds like you had a great day! And that quote…”sigh”…yes! I snuck a little alone time today to take pictures at the park on my way to the grocery store…and it was so worth it…frigid air and all!

  3. Anne Lamott rocks, does she not?
    Glad you had some time to refresh and restore yourself today. And a wonderful husband and family waiting for your return. What a lovely day!

  4. I too love Anne Lamott. She is so honest and real and raw. I’m glad you enjoyed such a lovely day!

  5. Oooh, a gingerbread latte and a chocolate chip cookie. Wish I could have joined you.

    I, too, got to sleep in. Until 8:00, not 9:45, but that’s LATE round these parts. When I finally moved my behind out of bed at 8:15 there were logs burning in the fireplace and pancakes cooking on the stove. The dishes that had taken over the entire kitchen were clean and put away and my husband was pulling his usual antics with the boys. I feel strange saying “thank goodness for the my husband,” and “he’s such a fabulous guy,” and all those sorts of things–because he is really also the the world’s biggest annoyance–but I AM happy for him and he IS fabulous…even though he still drives me up a wall daily (hourly?).

    I’m happy for your happy day.
    Om! 🙂

  6. Wow – plenty of sleep, Anne Lamott, a date with a grownup? Happy Saturday!
    Last week I tamed my grownup moments with sushi. We’re lucky they’re receptive to so many treatments.

  7. Three cheers for lattes, cookies, and Anne Lamott! I’m so happy to hear about your wonderful day – you deserve it!

  8. “You had me at chocolate chip cookie.” Being relieved from Mommy duty to spend time with a friend, precious. We need’em. 🙂

  9. Oh to sleep until 9:45. I don’t think I have slept that late since before Harry was born. I mean, I sleep in (like today when B got up with the (kids at 5:40, and I stayed in bed until 7), but to sleep that late would be heaven! Glad you had a good grown up day– it sounds fabulous.

  10. I am glad you got to enjoy some “me time” and hope you feel as refreshed as you sound in this post.

    Isn’t it adorable when they fall asleep holding a book? My FigNewTon used to do that. Sometimes she still holds one while she sleeps, craftily hid under her pillow because she sees herself as “too big” to do that any more. 🙂

  11. Yes, your husband is wonderful, but mine is the *most* wonderful… 😉

    I am so glad for some rest for you this weekend. It sounds like you really needed it.

  12. It sounds like an absolutely delightful, perfect, lazy Saturday. So glad you got the much needed rest and a short break from your 24/7 job. (And I love that Paige fell asleep clasping a book in her little arms!)

  13. Wow. That sounds like an unbelievably perfect day. My kids won’t allow me to sleep that late, even though my husband would. And the adult time and delicious snacks… again, a perfect day. You deserve it!


  14. I’ve got a good hubby, too. They are few and far between, it seems. I love mine a lot, too.

  15. Stacia

    Anne Lamott gets me, too. “Bird by Bird” is my favorite. And so are chocolate chip cookies.

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