He sways to Ben Folds in his chair at ‘Donald’s. Fynn sits on his knees, piercing blue eyes darting from one area to the next. He watches a little girl in a sweatshirt covered in ballet shoes as she dances to the ketchup pump.

The accents are thick with Boston.

I’m trying to stay present in this moment. Focus on where we are, trying to not want for another place.

Or something more than Diet Coke from a soda fountain.

The kids meal sits between us. Chicken nuggets, fries, a prize knight atop a squirrel {don’t ask…} and a castle made out of a jug of milk.

He tells me about the knight and how he must find the castle. And then he glances outside and sees someone hurrying by on the street. Going for a walk in the subzero windchill.

Fynn starts worrying that the little boy lost his mommy.

As we leave, he falls in the parking lot. Scrapes his hands and teardrops begin to fall. In a natural mommy moment I scoop him up in my arms, fly across the parking lot to our car. Into the carseat, check hands, check knees, check noses, wipe tears.

Breathe in salty frozen tears. Focus.

He asks about the little boy again. He needs his mommy. He lost his mommy. We need to catch up, mommy! We drive a ways, and he’s satisfied in knowing the little boy must have made it home. He found his mommy.

And we drive to our castle. Princess and King waiting for us. We’re found.



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15 responses to “Found

  1. Your son is so sweet to be so concerned about others. You’re raising him well. What a well written moment.

  2. oh my goodness, this post gave me chills. What a sweet little boy to be so empathetic. I love that he mimics the concern you show for his well-being and reflects it back on other people. What a tremendous gift.

  3. There is no fear greater to a child than losing mommy. Your son is showing such empathy at a young age. Give him an extra chicken nugget today, just for me 🙂

  4. beautiful. sometimes the words we need come from where we are, don’t they? we can only ever write from here. I love this moment you shared…

  5. ps – thanks for your squeal at my blog. it made me smile this morning…

  6. Gorgeous. Universal. At once, simple and profound.

    Life is about being lost. And, from time to time, being found.


  7. Absolutely lovely, Corinne. And I’m with TKW: good for you for having such a sweet, empathetic child, even at such a young age. You should be very proud of him – and of yourself as a mom. So, go ahead and give him that extra McNugget – and pour yourself an XL Diet Coke on the rocks! xoxo

  8. I know the squirrel! Yep, got me two of’em just this past Saturday. The little acorn popper on it’s back. Me also wanting for another place…wide open spaces. One where kids are loosed and Mommy’s can breathe in a few. 🙂

  9. This is so sweet! I love the perspective that little ones can offer!

  10. Love this. From the description of the girl dancing to the ketchup pump to the happy meal and its happy ending. I think you were very present, there all the way. Heck – after reading this, I almost felt that I was.

  11. Fynn is such a sweet little man.

  12. To, amidst his own cold and salty tears, worry about someone else is something truly special. Someday, when he has long forgotten it, when he is down on himself, you should tell him this story. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of our more perfect moments.

  13. You are seriously doing something right with your little boy. He’s too sweet. So sweet. Beautiful post.

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