Soft landings

Today, we drove down to the airport. My mom flew in from the warm{er} south, to visit for the next week and a half. Her timing worked out to be perfect, and I’m welcoming her support and help with open arms.

As Fynn and I drove into the big city this morning, my mind was clear, my thoughts positive, I was able to stay in the moment with him. As conversation drifted from the big orange dinosaur on Route 1, to the big trucks that we passed, to airplanes in the sky, I smiled and giggled with my son. We were there, together in the car, excited for the same thing. Flurries and wind hit our faces as we left the car to venture into the airport, and we ran together, hand in hand, toward the warmth.

Feb 6, 2010 002

My mind is clear, but tired. Happy, but emotionally drained. Lifted by the comments and emails that followed Thursday’s post, but still brought down a bit by the hugeness that is being a recovering alcoholic. I can’t tell you how thankful, and completely humbled I am by all of your comments, prayers, and kindness. It’s like jumping into a bed freshly made with warm flannel sheets. Comforting, a soft landing at the end of a hard day.

Thank you.


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28 responses to “Soft landings

  1. That is a beautiful shot. Symbolic of your own one-foot-in-front-of-the-other, joy-around-the-next-corner journey, don’t you think?

  2. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom. Take care, friend.

  3. Corinne, I just wanted to say good luck with everything – you can do it 🙂
    Have a great time with your mom!

  4. What a good, good Saturday.

  5. Natika

    Corinne, I’m happy your mind is clearer. Hang on to that feeling as long as you can. It’s easy to take it for granted.
    You must get along well with your mom. If mine came to stay It would drive me to drink!;0)

    Have a good visit with her and call me if you need to!
    7wks tomorrow!!!

  6. Congratulations! That’s so great that your mom is there to lend a hand. It must be comforting. Your kids must be in heaven. Not just because she’s there, but because you are too. I am so happy for you. I think your words will help a lot of people just as they’ve helped you. Thank you for sharing. =]

  7. I’m with Stacia – that wonderful photograph is a powerful metaphor for your journey. And good for you for embracing it with the same passion and energy as Fynn!


  8. there is just something about falling into your mom’s arms… for me it is just short of Jesus’ arms. i hope it is the same for you. you’ve been on my mind! and i giggled with my son in the car today, too… and it was GOOD! keep breathing in the love 🙂

  9. Enjoy your time with your mom. :):)

  10. Fabulous picture. Thanks for letting us be your friends and your flannel. xo

  11. I just read through some of your archives too, and you are REALLY far away!! That really is too bad…I bet we would have a fun time chatting it up. 🙂

  12. oh honey. I’m all tears and goosebumps. I wish I could give you the biggest bear hug a mama can give.

    fantastic picture of Fynn, by the way. awesometastic.

    enjoy time with your mama.

  13. That photo is precious…as is your story…your day…your post.

  14. You have definitely inherited your mother’s photographic eye. 😉

    I hope you’re enjoying your visit with your mom – getting in lots of hugs and comfort and goodness.

  15. Awesome picture! Enjoy your time with your mom. I guarantee you she is so proud of you. I certainly am.

  16. What a wonderful picture of Fynn! I’m with other posters who see in it a reflection of the journey you’re embarking on.
    Cherish these days with your mom. I’m sure she’s proud of the strength you’ve found within you!

  17. I love the picture of Fynn flying down that airport turf.

    We’re here, cheering you on. Strong girl.

  18. Yea for Mommies! Rest in her visit and find some time for yourself. And if you need a vitrual feather bed, jump right in! Thanks for bringing us on your journey. We are honored. 😉

  19. Comfort of falling into a bed of warm flannel…I love this! Beautiful, Corinne.

    Let your spirit take the lead on this one and I just know you’ll be alright.

    Enjoy every minute with your mama–the good, the real, the honest.

  20. Enjoy your time with your mom.

  21. That is great! I’m glad that you’re staying positive and that your mom will be with you for a while. btw…that picture is awesome!

  22. Moms are the best people in the world to come and provide yet another soft landing. I hope you enjoy the time with her.
    Also, that picture of Fynn is amazing. Frame worthy, for sure.

  23. So glad you are feeling the love and that your mom is with you! Keep in the moment…you can do this!

  24. I’m so happy for you for the soft landing, for your mother’s timely visit, for your son’s open arms and for your embrace of a challenge.

  25. gorgeous picture! hope you have a great visit

  26. mamarissa

    I’ve been meaning to write to say that I’m here, reading regularly, rooting for you, and taking joy in the fact that your landing has been so soft and comforting.

  27. I’m so proud of you. My Step-Dad was a recovering alcoholic for a long, long time. He fell off the wagon when my brother committed his crime. He is now fighting his way back on the wagon. I know how hard this is… you have my love all the way.


  28. I ‘m behind in reading , but I have been thinking and praying.

    The photo is heart melting.

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