Cupcakes, New England Style

Feb 7, 2010 001

I’ve had cupcakes on the brain. The kind that go with big cups of hot tea or lattes, eaten with friends who don’t mind if you talk with icing stuck on the corners of your mouth. The kind that’s as sweet as the women around you, as yummy as the conversation at hand.

The kind of cupcakes you share with fellow bloggers.

That’s right. Like at Cupcake ’10.

I’m thinking New England bloggers need some of that love.


So what do you say? I know there are several New England bloggers, looking to connect with each other outside of this whole online thing. How do I know? I keep getting emails asking if I know other bloggers in the area, and when I say yes, it’s almost always followed up with we should get together!


It doesn’t have to be anything formal, at all. Depending on how many people are interested, we could either do a lunch, a coffee date, or find someplace where we can spread out in comfy chairs – or even the floor – and sit with yummy treats and warm drinks and talk. Get to know each other, and dive into why we do this crazy thing that we spend hours on. Why we blog.

And I’m thinking the sooner the better. Yes, I’m attending BlogHer in August {I’ll be the one double fisting Diet Coke’s as to not be tempted by all the booze NYC has to offer…} but I think we all deserve a little treat to get us through until Spring. Plus, something smaller and not so overwhelming! So before our calendars get crazy with the chaos that comes with spring and summer, let’s have our cupcakes. How about March 2oth or 27th? ** Editing to add that March 13th is also on the table…**


Let’s move forward with this! If you’re interested, either leave a comment or send me an email (crnnoel at gmail dot com) and let me know where you’d be coming from, and what date you’d prefer, March 20th or 27th.

Once I have numbers, I can look into finding a venu that’s fairly central. I’d love to find something similar to what the ladies did at Cupcake ’10 {take a look at their site if you’re interested, looks like they had a fabulous time!} I’m hopeful that if there’s enough of us we could do something very similar fairly inexpensively, though I’m thinking more of a full day than an overnight. But I’m completely open to suggestions.

Even if it ends up being just a few of us, I think it’ll be worth our time. The connections we’ve all made through blogging are so real, so much a part of {at least my} life. Let’s take some time to honor our hard work and dive into a cupcake or two!

Spread the love, and spread the word 🙂 A gathering of hearts and voices is on the horizon… {what do you all think of Hearts&Voices as a get together name? I’ve been struggling trying to come up with a title of our own… I kind of like it…}


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24 responses to “Cupcakes, New England Style

  1. Love this idea!
    Unfortunately those two weekends are my kids’ spring break so I am away … waah! Any chance for the first weekend of April!?!

  2. You know I love the idea! can make either weekend work although 20th is better for me. First weekend of April would be hard (leaving for vacation early the next week) but if it’s best, I can try for it! Thanks for speerheading Corinne!

  3. Good for you for taking on the organizing! I wish I was close enough to come.

    And you’re going to Blogher? Is this your first one or have you gone in the past? Fun times, I’m sure.

    Boys crying…must run!


  4. Nicki

    Wish I were in New England, although I am not far, but my travel plans for the next few months are already wrapped up. I will be in the greater Boston area April 18/19 for the marathon (not running, watching a friend).

  5. crnnoel

    What about March 13th?

    • Nicki

      Unfortunately – and trust me, I would come if I could – I am running a half marathon on March 14th so will be in Rock Hill, NY 3/13. Please have everyone there blog about it.

  6. I know I don’t live in NE but I’m so wishing somehow that I could come! Fabulous idea, friend. Hope you have a great response

  7. oh man– wish I was a NE blogger 🙂 have fun!

  8. MK

    I’m in NE. I’m a little bit nervous about “coming out” with people IRL, tho – I’ll keep stalking for opinions…

    and those weekends are all open for me :p

  9. Love this idea, Corinne. I’m in. The 13th would work for me.

  10. I wish I could come. What I wouldn’t do to get out, have a cupcake and latte, and meet some sweet new friends.

  11. Jealous of you East coast gals–but I can’t wait to catch you all in August!

  12. this new england girl is wishing she was still living in new england! i’d be there in a heartbeat. 🙂

  13. You’re attending blogher? How awesome. Oh man, you’re making me want to go this year!


  14. I’m with Dawn…the former New England girl (always one at heart) wishes she still lived in Massachusetts. But alas, Nebraska is just too far!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my guest post over at Jumping Tandem today!

  15. You make me very sad that I live in northwest Indiana. I hope you have a great turn out.

  16. I so wish I could go. It’s just too far of a trip from Kansas. : ) I can’t wait to hear all about it though!

  17. Wow, that’s enough to get me up to visit my in-laws in CT… 😉

  18. Corinne,
    You know I’M in! Just let me know when a final date gets arranged, and I’m there. And probably (maybe?) Jen, too. If you need help with anything at all please be in touch!

  19. Wish I lived closer…

  20. I’m really wishing I lived in NE instead of Texas so I could attend (or that I had the funds to go anyway!!). I’d love to meet you and some of the other fabulous NE bloggers. What a great idea to organize a meetup!

    I’m seriously considering attending BlogHer. (Now I just need to get my husband on board with that idea….he thinks it is nuts.) I’m so glad to know you’ll be there!! I think that makes me want to go even more, but not in a stalker-ish way, of course. 🙂 I am completely intimidated by the enormity of the blogging conferences, but all the recent talk of Blissdom made me wish I could attend one!

  21. I want to come! What can I sell so I can purchase a plane ticket? I’ll be going through the house tomorrow to look!!! Oh! I hope I can come!!! That’s so soon.

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