Gentle nudges

Today marks two weeks of sobriety for me.

Two weeks worth of being present.

14 days of gentle nudges each morning from Him, telling me that I can do this, that I’m worth it.

I might not always talk about it, or write about it, but my sobriety is always on my mind. It is a constant choice to be made. Me, and my family, over the bottle.  And with those gentle nudges, the choice is getting easier to make. I’m not second guessing myself, I’ve admitted the problem, and there is no turning back.

I still feel like I’m flailing at times, trying to keep my head above water. Yesterday Fynn broke my glasses… and I could barely handle dealing with changing my day around to head out to order new glasses… and then I found out that I had to have an eye exam because my last prescription was only good for one year and not two… and between adding up the $$ in my head, and subtracting that from a bank account that is vertically challenged… my mind just kept spinning.

And it still spins. But I feel like I always have one foot planted on the ground now, instead of dealing with the drunk spins even when I wasn’t drinking. Because I was starting to feel those spins constantly. My life was teetering on the edge of that slippery slope… where you stand in the liquor store for one little thing, and wonder how you could sneak a few extra bottles in without being caught. For an emergency.

That was one of my moments.

And the gift was the gentle nudge pushing me out the door, without the secrecy.

Those nudges… those are my gift that I’m unwrapping today. They sing me to sleep now, quiet lullaby’s of hope and grace. They stay with me through the day. Helping me chose sobriety.

I will forever be thankful, and humbled, that God’s grace is present in nudges.


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30 responses to “Gentle nudges

  1. I am so glad you are getting the comforting nudges! Can you imagine if you had the drunk spins without your glasses…how would you have seen? 🙂 The Lord was brought into my life “after” I decided to sober up….of course he was there all along, getting me through it…I just didn’t know it. But I am so glad you have Him nudging you through this.

    Now you can sneak extra cupcakes from the liquor store.

  2. Corine, I don’t know what to say without sounding crass, but I am so very happy for you. You are worth it, my friend. God bless you!

  3. Wanting my love to reach across miles in a tangible way. I send hugs via the Holy Spirit. I am so very proud of you!

  4. Natika

    Yeah…2 weeks! Just remember “keep it simple!”

  5. Lovely to follow you through this… Thank you.

  6. Congratulations. One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time. Except on bad days, and then moment by moment. You can do this. I am praying for you.

  7. Happy for you and your family. Will be praying you stay on that side of it. I join in with His Firefly sending you hugs as well.

  8. Your writing is a gift, too, that you gracefully unwrap for us with each post. Thank you!

  9. two weeks. fourteen days. hope and grace.
    atta girl!

  10. Congratulations, Corinne. You *have* come so far. Every day you demonstrate the power you have… so simple and yet so hard and so significant. I’m keeping you in my thoughts, friend.

  11. So happy for you. Keep your eyes on Him, the Gentle Nudger.

  12. I’m proud of you, Corinne. =^)

    “Little by little, one walks far.”

  13. Thanks for unwrapping this for us. So grateful for HIS nudges.

  14. Even though it might seem small in retrospect, dealing with the frustration of your broken glasses without your former comfort measure took a great deal of strength and bravery.

    May you continue to get the nudges you need – everyday and everywhere.


  15. I’m so proud of you. And I so appreciate your honesty. Helping us understand this thing that you battle, that so many others battle.

    I wish I could hug you. xoxo

  16. I’m so proud of you Corinne. As hard as this is for you, you’re doing it for the right reasons and your strength is amazing. Hugs.

  17. Two weeks! Congratulations. Thank you for your beautiful, brave, honest words. You are grace in motion.

    I’m so glad to have found your blog!

    Yours in Twizzlers and Everlasting Gobstoppers,


  18. Some days, a schedule change like that – just the simple addition of an errand unplanned – can send me spinning into frustration and exasperation, whether or not I have anything else to worry about.
    I’m glad for you and your gentle nudges.
    (And with you re: the “vertically challenged” bank account. So funny, and yet so not!)

  19. Hang in there, gal! You’ve got all of us cheering you on. Your honesty and vulnerability is inspiring. I’m with you all the way. Big love!!!

  20. You are so brave and amazing, Corinne. You can do it!

  21. well done Corinne you are doing fab x x

  22. txmomof3

    I only just found your blog in this last 2 weeks and I am honored to be able to read your beautiful words as you go through this time in your life. You are truly an inspiration, probably more than you can ever know. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  23. First off – a huge Congrats! You are well on your way! Secondly, thank you so much for your honesty and transparency. You will never know how many people you are helping, but the numbers will be great.

  24. Yes, you are worth it! Consider this an extra nudge!

  25. I love this. Thank you!

  26. Corrine-
    God bless you for being vunerable with us, we’ve got your back and will lift you up thru prayers…
    You grow girl!

  27. Congrats, girl. The first two weeks of a new life, a better you.

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