Flashback Friday ~ Love

Feb 11, 2010 019

Remembering the Reasons was originally posted on November 24th, 2009

The last time we moved {almost two years ago} we didn’t unpack our numerous boxes of books. Our reasoning? We cannot have bookshelves with toddlers without anchoring them to the walls. And we didn’t want to do that… because we didn’t think we’d be here that long. Oh and space, we have no space for bookshelves.

Fast forward to knowing we’ll be here for three years total.

I miss my books.

So over the weekend I went searching through hundreds of books for one or two in particular. I went through every single box, because {of course} the specific few I went looking for were in the last box, in the way back of the second thoroughly disected closet, under about six other boxes. In the process, I found about a dozen others that just had to be brought out. Some were mine, but most were my husbands. You see, between my Political Science degree with an English minor, and his English major, we have quite the collection.

Through a closet and two rooms  I called out “Hey, how was Gandhi’s autobiography?”, “did you know you had so many of Kerouac’s books?” and I might have muttered something along the lines of “how many works of Shakespeare can two people possibly own?” They all took me back.

All of those books played an instrumental role in the story of Corinne & Lucas. The first time I saw his apartment I was in love. It was perfect. It was located on a gorgeous street in a historical old New England town. He resided on the top floor of a renovated house, centuries old, with angled ceilings and tiny windows. A view of the street, without the noise, where you could see the snow on the town common accompanied by dog walkers and couples taking a brisk February stroll. But while it had all the staples of a bachelor pad {you know… dvd’s, video games, bare fridge, the just cleaned for a date smell…} it also had books. Rows and rows of books.

And I love books.

We sat and talked about different titles. I stole several minutes staring at the antique works and finely bound collections. The man had books. And he actually read them. He showed me albums of places that he’d been, told me stories of traveling through Europe alone, he came to life as he exposed his love of road trips, nature, and art. It wasn’t one of those first date shows, there was something so sincere and passionate about all that he had done, and all that he wanted to do.

I loved him.

And over the weekend as I got my answers to the questions I called out, “It’s good if you want to know what Gandhi ate” and “yes, I know” and even “did you say something?” I felt this warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you remember a forgotten reason. I smiled to myself several times looking through our collection. At points you could tell which one came from where, a definite his and hers; but the more years we’re together the more the divide dwindles.

I miss our books.

And I still love him.


Today I’m taking part in Jo’s Flashback Friday. Today’s prompt is LOVE…  Head over to check out more blasts from the past!


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21 responses to “Flashback Friday ~ Love

  1. txmomof3

    Wow, what a love letter this is. To books and to him. And I love the divide dwindling. Beautiful and inspiring, thank you.

  2. Our books are still in boxes from our move when Piper was three months old. We are hoping to bring them out after we move this month. We may not read them, but the memories…

    Love this.

  3. How totally sweet – and perfect for a Valentines weekend.

    Books is one affair that I’ve wished my husband and I could share as well. Alas, he’s more video games and sports and books that I find less than interesting. But still, love him the same.

    I think you’ve inspired me to write a flashback story of love for the weekend myself. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Jo@mylestones

    “the more years together…the more the divide dwindles” So true. Love this post–thanks for linking up!

  5. Books–oh, how some of us love them! I always feel naked if I go somewhere without a book.

    I love the way books connect people who are passionate about them. Book lovers are always suggesting books, inquiring about books, quoting books. I suppose it might be annoying to someone who doesn’t love to read, but I think it’s a charming thing.

  6. Yes, books! I am literally surrounded by stacks. Everywhere. And bookcases filled and overflowing. Even when I don’t have time for them, they comfort me. I am always a bit uncomfortable around those who live in homes without books – of some sort.

    A few of mine (photos from my shelves, if interested): http://dailyplateofcrazy.com/other-stuff/books-books-books-for-a-rainy-day-and-then-some/

  7. Beautiful as always. I love books! What a tribute this was… You are so talented and thoughtful!

  8. A life without books is no life at all. Loved this.

  9. Such poetic and beautiful writing.

  10. How delightful your words are!

    Books are something beyond description to a writer. To cherish, re-read and simply hold on to.

    I have kept books where the story didn’t interest me, but the way the words fit together captured my heart.

    What a wonderful love the two of you could share!

  11. Just beautiful all the way around.

  12. One of the most vivid memories I have of dating my wife was the bookcase in my apartment, made of pine boards and cinder blocks, full of books, stuffed with books. We’d sit on the floor next to it and just talk.

  13. We’ve got a room just for books. And it is amazing to see how they pretty much are a timeline of our life together. This was a sweet post. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. Oh, I hope you will get some bookshelves and get your books out and surround yourself with them!

    As a fellow book lover, I so enjoyed this post!

  15. Natika

    My sister inlaw was telling about her new Kindle and how great it was. I was sitting there thinking how sad I would feel to not touch the pages.
    Great flashback!

  16. Becca

    Oh how wonderfully special Corinne! I loved this. Books can be so romantic can’t they? Beautiful.

  17. thedomesticfringe

    Great post and a wonderful story of love.


  18. Ahh, what a lovely read for me on this Valentine’s eve. Husband and I share a deep passion for books…but not necessarily an understanding of how they should be organized. Intermixing our fiction books was more controversial than intermarrying! 🙂

  19. The one you’re looking for is always in the last box, isn’t it? And totally worth the hunt, just for the memories and the rediscoveries and the old yet new finds. Like relationships themselves!

  20. loved it the first time… I always think of it when I think of you.

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