Who I am

This, is me

Sept 21, 2009 010

The woman I see in the mirror

Dark hair, blue eyes, olive skin

Daughter, wife, sister

A mother who is working all the time

A thinker, lover, and occasionally a do-er

Creator of a few things

Faithful and humble

Most of the time a believer in small wonders

The woman I see in the mirror is flawed


And beautiful

If you were to sneak a quick glance at some quiet time in my house you’d find me writing notes to myself about blog posts to work on later, or snacking on Twizzlers while my kiddos are in the midst of trains & tutus. There is always something else I should be doing, but writing is what I like to do, and what gives me a little bit of peace. Trains, Tutus and Twizzlers is a place for me to share my stories. Some will be funny, some will be heartbreaking, some will make no sense at all, but they’ll all come from my heart.