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It would hurt not to blog this

This afternoon seemed never ending. And not in a good way. We made it home, woke up the kids from their car naps, and all you know what broke loose.

So by 5pm we were counting down until bedtime. We told the kids to run around – like usual – to get out all their energy. They did. And then Fynn ran into the edge of an end table with his forehead, which resulted in a purple bandaide smack dab in between his eyes and lots of tears.

He kept pointing to the end table saying it was “very sad.” And it made him “very sad.” And we were all “very sad.”
Jan 3, 2010 003

Paige was also “very sad” and very curious.
Jan 3, 2010 007

She was sympathetic, and showed us on herself with the lense cap where Fynn got hurt.
Jan 3, 2010 008

But our brave little boy decided that what would make him feel better was if we took pictures of everyone. So he instructed first to take a picture of Mommy & Paige {Mom and Paige, rather, but I refuse to acknowledge that he’s now calling me Mom instead of Mommy half the time…}
Jan 3, 2010 022

Then one of Fynn and Daddy
Jan 3, 2010 026

but after that one, I told him we had to take another one where Daddy didn’t look like such a dork {I swear I’m a nice wife, we were all just so punchy tonight…} Then Lucas started saying something about someone sleeping on the couch tonight in between his hysterical laughter
Jan 3, 2010 027

Through this Paige started feeling left out and desperately wanted to read a certain book. A book that no one else particularly enjoys.
Jan 3, 2010 031

Jan 3, 2010 033

Finally, we gave in.
Jan 3, 2010 035

She pointed to the first picture, and made a thoughtful “mmm” noise {which is how she asks what something is}. It was a little boy. With a bad haircut. So I told her “that’s a little boy with an awful haircut.” {again, I’m really a nice person, just punchy…}

Do you know what she did????

She then pointed to her brother!!! Which led to Lucas and myself laughing for about ten minutes with tears streaming down our faces, choking for breath. Because, honestly? Fynn’s haircut right now is the worst one he’s ever had. And we cut it three times in a matter of two days to try and make it better. It did not work.

Oh the honesty that comes from babes!

After we composed ourselves it was time to read Happy Birthday Moon, which is a lovely book. But Lucas read one of the lines, and I commented on the gusto with which it was read, and it was all over. The kids had no idea why daddy had such a hard time finishing the book, or why mommy needed a tissue to dab her eyes with for an hour, literally…

It was a trying afternoon, which thankfully ended in laughter instead of a trip to the ER since the fleshwound wasn’t too deep… we’re so happy that he caught himself on his forehead rather than, say, an eye ball. And we love our kids, so very much.

But seriously, I have not laughed so hard in such a long time. My cheeks still hurt. Right now even the thought of the little boy with the big purple bandaide, and bad hair cut,  is cracking me up. I’m not a horrible mother, or wife, just a punchy mama in need of a hot bath and big cup of chai.


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ALWAYS check your laundry

Don’t let this happen to you.

As I opened the washing machine to move a load of the kids laundry to the dryer, something seemed off. All the clothes looked not quite clean.

I started lifting the wet clothes only to find clumps of wet paper. After calling my mother (who else would you call??) I decided to shake out the clothes, and then put them in the dryer – letting the lint trap (checked often) do it’s job. As I was emptying the clothes of whatever had gotten thrown into the hamper (Paige has a slight obsession with putting things into the clothes hamper, which I should have remembered as I hastily dumped the clothes into the washer…) I realized what had gotten thrown in. A board book. A counting board book that Paige loved. I say loved, because it’s in bits and pieces. All. Over. The. Place.

Oct 30, 2009 062

Oct 30, 2009 065

The dryer is almost done its cycle, and the lint trap has definitely done it’s job, and the clothes are looking better. I’ve checked on the lint trap every five minutes, and every five minutes it’s FULL of the book. Sad, sad book. Always check your laundry for extras. Always!


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In an Instant

He was standing, watching the big kids play. Watching the world go by. Enjoying his snack. Life cereal.

I looked up, and saw him start walking, and saw bikes start rushing towards him.

I think I yelled. His full name.

And then in slow motion he looked up, looked at me, and then looked at the bikes. He missed two, but the third caught him. His foot? His sweatshirt? I’m not sure.

Cereal went flying through the air in slow motion. Fynn was dragged behind – or was it beside? – the pink bicycle.

The playground went silent. I threw the camera down, and rushed towards my baby. Found him to be ok, asked the little girl who crashed off of her bike if she was alright. She just stared, embarrassed and scared. The playground stayed silent for a moment, until they could see both kids standing, and everything was alright.

No one spoke to us. No one went running to the little girl. Everyone just stared.

In an Instant was originally posted on April 24th, 2009 at The Story of Fynn & Paige by moi…


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