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Three years old

At 8:26 this morning, Fynn turned three.

Nov 15, 2009 030

We celebrated with gifts that showcase his talents, and loves (a baking apron & utensils, a new train…)

Nov 15, 2009 006

We celebrated him with family. His unique style, his individuality, Fynn.

Nov 15, 2009 056

We celebrated the fact that without Fynn, so much would not have happened in our lives. Three years of being a Daddy…

Nov 15, 2009 025

Three years of being a Mommy…

Nov 15, 2009 041

We celebrated with cake, perfect through a little boys eyes.

Nov 15, 2009 074

… we at a lot of cake…

Nov 15, 2009 129

Today, we celebrated our son Fynn. All of his three years. The good, the bad, the smiles and joys.

He brings us more love and happiness than he could know.

Happy  Third Birthday Fynn! We love you!!

Nov 15, 2009 096


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The little cake that could

I love homemade cakes.

I like to make cakes.

I’ve even decorated my share of pretty cakes.

Not today.

Today, I cried. Sobs like I don’t remember sobbing since… well… I cannot remember.

I wanted to make my son a dinosaur birthday cake this year to celebrate his third birthday. I spent all day thinking about it today, cutting out templates, baking the cake, making the icing. Then I started. And constructing it turned out to be the easy part. Icing? It brought me to my knees. It brought me to tears.

Lucas was getting the kids to sleep when I started on my endeavor. And by the time he came out, he saw me, covered in blue and green icing, sobs and laughter on the kitchen floor.

As I was telling him why I was a cake decorating failure (it’s all about the icing, and Mom, no matter how much confectioner sugar I added it kept melting – I swear!!!!), I sobbed and sobbed, and then I almost screamed “AND THEN THE HEAD FELL OVER!!!!” and I burst out in laughter, still sobbing of course. I was a sight for sore eyes.

And then my husband, who is probably the most incredible man alive, took a bowl of icing, an extra block of cake, and made the dinosaur a tree stump to put his head on (or a tree to eat, we’ll see how the birthday boy interprets it tomorrow…). Lucas told me over and over how Fynn was just going to love it, because it was indeed a dinosaur cake. It didn’t matter if the icing was dripping off, or if the head fell over, or if it was blue and green swirls instead of just green with blue accents… and he’s right.

My mother always made our birthday cakes. It was always special to pick out what cake we wanted, and to see the end product. And they were always beautiful cakes (though I now understand why she didn’t use star tips for piping or anything else crazy…. she was crafty enough with candies & cookies for decorations… note taken…) but I’m willing to bet they weren’t perfect. There were flaws, but to me and my brother, our cakes were always the best in town, and we secretly pitied those who had store bought cakes because they weren’t as cool as ours.

I think Lucas knew my sobs were about more than just the cake, because in typical Lucas fashion, he said the right thing tonight, “you are a wonderful mother”. I love him, very few men would say that as they picked up a knife full of melty icing in attempts to help fix a little cake that ultimately could make a little boy very happy, and that in turn will bring that little boys mommy to tears again (I’m just guessing… my kids birthdays have that effect on me…). It’s always about that. It’s always trying to be the best we can for our kids, and not letting them down. As soon as they’re born it’s about that, and it never stops.


Now, when you look at these pictures know that I am now laughing and giggling over the cake that is in the fridge waiting to Fynn to see it tomorrow! Be nice though…

I think this is the best angle:

Nov 14, 2009 019

This might be the worst:

Nov 14, 2009 017

And this… oh dear… I think the correct phrase is just “Oh my goodness”:

Nov 14, 2009 015


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To the man who rocks my world

Today is his day

He’s another year older, another year wiser

I joke about his age, but really, he’s perfect however young or old he is

Today we’ll celebrate him

Let him sleep late

The kids will wake him with snuggles

Have french toast {with powdered sugar AND syrup!} for breakfast

We’ll give thanks for him

He’s pretty incredible…

Soft spoken and sweet

Tall, {somewhat} dark and handsome

Loving and kind

The most wonderful husband, partner in parenting, and friend I could ever ask for

Happy birthday Lucas

You pretty much rock our world 🙂

Oct 17, 2009 026


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Twenty eight

Today is my birthday.

I’m now 28 years old. Which is kind of funny to me, because that’s how old my husband was when I met him about six years ago. And he seemed so old to me (if I could write in a sarcastic font, that last statement would be in bold sarcastic) But really, it hits me as all kinds of funny. I hoped, but never really thought I’d be married, let alone would have two beautiful children by the time I turned 28.

With every year that passes I gain more understanding of the world around, and myself. I know more of what I believe in, what I stand for, I know my convictions. Could be kids, could be age, but today, I’m going to celebrate all that I believe in. Below are 28 things (in no particular order) that I know I believe in, wholeheartedly.

I believe in…

1. homemade

2. loving with all of your heart

3. my husband

4. my children

5. myself

6. the power of the ocean

7. alone time

8. a gracious and loving God

9. a good cry

10. good friends

11. the medicinal benefits of chocolate

12. dancing in the kitchen

13. the magic of holidays

14. comfort food

15. writing as therapy

16. libraries

17. staying in pj’s on rainy days

18. that snuggles from babies make it all better

19. things happening for a reason

20. family

21. acupuncture

22. finding happiness within yourself

23. hot baths with lots of bubbles

24. romance

25. that life can be stranger than fiction

26. books that end long after you finish the last page

27. prayer

28. nurturing imaginations

Corinne... the early years

Future blogging mama


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Where’d the year go?

My baby girl turned one today. In an instant she grew into this little being that can walk, is starting to talk, throws dramatic tantrums, and can eat endless amounts of ice cream. It seems like just days ago she was a tiny little thing that just wanted to be snuggled, nursed, and left to sleep.

Yes, she still nurses (and though I say I’m ready to be done, I’m not so sure either of us really are…), and she still cuddles, but she’s getting so darn big. By the time my son was this age I had baby fever and we were talking about the possibility of a second. When he turned one, I didn’t have a meltdown about my baby getting so big… my baby… my baby…

This is it. This is my last baby, and she’s one. We’re getting ready to say goodbye to the baby years, altogether. I’ve already handed off most of the baby gear that you only need for the first year or so – the exersaucer, the bumbo seat, the infant carrier… and that didn’t make it seem final. But with Paige turning the big one, it’s really hitting home.

I spend my days wishing for them to go by quickly. Wishing for the kids to get to an easier stage. Wishing for the future to hurry up and happen.

Honestly, right now I’m wishing for time to slow down. A year ago I was getting to know my newborn daughter. Just over two and a half years ago I was getting to know my newborn son. Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy them.


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