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Cranky Sillies

Today had all sorts of potential. Chillier than normal, but still gorgeous out. Our morning went pretty well; we met friends for a walk, got lots of fresh air and visiting in.

Then we got home.

And things got crazy.

Overtired children dizzy with fresh air and bellies full of laughs. Sometimes that combination is fantastic, and others… well… sometimes that combination leads to a big case of the cranky sillies.

Oct 23, 2009 006

Oct 23, 2009 022

And the cranky sillies often lead to nightmarish meltdowns over books about ducks that somehow became offensive…

Oct 23, 2009 038

Which inevitably leads to naptime. Apparently for all. Even those who only nap on the rare occasion. But only when next to a beloved clementine of course. And the nap needs to take place only on the floor, when a certain mother isn’t looking (possibly dozing herself for a brief moment…)

Oct 23, 2009 045

Here’s to being forever grateful for the weekends when husbands are home and can help deal with the cranky sillies… which inevitably also come out on rainy Saturdays (like the one we’re schedule for tomorrow).


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Grumpy Baby = Cuteness

There is absolutely nothing cuter than a grumpy Paige.

I don’t know why, but she cracks me up. Maybe because she shows each and every emotion. She doesn’t hide anything. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? She takes risks, that little one ­čśë

Sept 24, 2009 014
Sept 24, 2009 018

Sept 24, 2009 027


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