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Mother of the house

Dec 3, 2009 002

the light was on all night, ready and waiting
taking a few moments of rest
it’s day starts at six
wishing us good morning while filling requests for sippy cups of milk
witnessing good morning kisses
and shortly after goodbye embraces
mid morning comes
dishing out comfort with bowls of animal crackers or pretzels
handing out cups of patience filled with soul calming hot chai
it listens and waits
anticipating the families next move
children running through with superhero capes
ready for lunch
the oven warms and delivers fish sticks or chicken nuggets
to outstretched hands and hungry bellies
and then it’s quiet as they retreat for naps
with full bellies and sweet dreams
weary itself, the lights turn off, the counters cleaned, it too takes a siesta
mid afternoon snack comes and we gather again
cabinets rummaged through, patience worn, a snack finally found
more sippy cups
more dishes
more running and kisses
craft activities commence as a table is brought in
it’s linoleum easier to clean from play doh or paint than carpet
laughter, imagination, messy hands, happy hearts
clean up to start dinner
stove top working, hands chopping, children playing at feet and on the counter
and then the calm
welcome home embraces under florescent lights
it smiles as the family sits down in the next room
realizing it’s part in the nightly family dinner
as counters are wiped and dishes are done
exhaustion sets in
it’s harsh lights dimmed to signify the end of the day
one last snack, one last rummage through for strength
and get you through the night goodies
on call, but off guard
goodnight kisses, goodnight embraces
sleepy hands wipe the counter one last time with care
readying for the morning
the mother of the house leaves it’s light on
ready for a midnight gathering just in case
little rest for room that feeds our souls and hearts


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Initiation of a cook

Even if you’ve been following this blog for the shortest amount of time, you probably have gathered that around here we love food. Though some of us are pickier than others, we have the utmost respect and love for food. All kinds. Sweet, savory, baked, roasted, raw, sauted. We love it.

And almost anything to do with food. I myself actually enjoy grocery shopping at times (depending on the store and the amount of other customers of course…). But there is a certain joy that comes from picking out (relatively) healthy food for your family. I’m a sucker for a good cheese display, I cave at gorgeous produce, I grovel at the feet of neatly packaged pasta.

I think Lucas just loves food. Mostly sweets. It’s almost sinful how the man can put away chocolate cake and nightly bowls of ice cream if we have it in the house (thank you Papa for those genes!). Fynn is following is his footsteps. But Fynn also loves the process almost more than he loves the food. He’s a huge helper in the kitchen – he’ll even be my assistant for dinners he wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole upon completion. I think he might possibly end up as some sort of a culinary expert… if he’ll ever expand his palate further than yogurt and crackers.

Paige… oh Paige. My little girl loves food. From day one. She nursed like a champ, and then took to solid food like it was sent directly from heaven. She’ll try just about anything, especially if it’s on mom or dads plate.

And today, she was initiated into the preparation side of food. We made pumpkin bread, and she was the assistant baker. It was, of course, much to Fynn’s chagrin that he wasn’t the one helping, but he was satisfied to sit with a bowl of oatmeal (that in itself is a HUGE food development!!!) so Paige and I took to the kitchen and didn’t hold back. Two loves of pumpkin bread were produced, as well as a new little baker.

Nov 4, 2009 004

Nov 4, 2009 010

Nov 4, 2009 015

Nov 4, 2009 017

Nov 4, 2009 021


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Treats for the soul

Sometimes, a little treat is good for the soul. Big souls, little souls, we all need treats. They lift the soul after a very tough week. I’ve of the belief that food can fix almost anything. Might not be true, but not be the right mindset, but it’s what I firmly believe. And when you don’t have brownies… you go to the next best thing.

One part healthy:

Oct 29, 2009 012

One part, not so healthy:

Oct 29, 2009 014

Put them together….

Oct 29, 2009 001

And it makes for very happy, very messy children.

Oct 29, 2009 016
Oct 29, 2009 019

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Unwrapping yummy goodness

Growing up I have very fond memories of  food. I love food. And anything sweet. Preferably chocolate. Sometimes I honestly forget that I can stop and take a moment to enjoy the food I’m shoving putting in my mouth.

The other morning we were playing outside in the chilly autumn air. Fynn was coaxed inside by promises of hot chocolate. Something he’d never had before. He had no idea what it was, except that it had something to do with chocolate, so it had to be good. He is, after all, my son.

We came in, got Paige settled with a snack, and made our warm delicious treat. He waited patiently, eying the small coffee cup that was on the counter curiously. “Like Daddy’s?” Yes, like Daddy’s. “Like Daddy’s Coffee?” No, not quite. Better.

When it cooled, I showed him how to hold the cup, and bring it up to his mouth. The handle had thrown him off.

He took his time deciding if it was good or not. Ultimately, it was all kinds of good. And he loved it. Savored it, with a big grin and joyful sounds that only a child can make.

We spent a few moments enjoying our hot chocolate. Me, remembering all the cool autumn mornings comforted by some warm chocolaty goodness, him making mental notes that this was something to request time and time again. We weren’t gulping, but sipping. Savoring it. Savoring the moment.

Oct 2, 2009 042


Please visit Emily at Chatting at the Sky for more Tuesday’s Unwrapped. You’ll find simple moments and simple mysteries unwrapped in every day life. Enjoy!


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About Twizzlers

The thing about Twizzlers is that my kids can’t have them.

Or, rather, Fynn can’t have them. He has a sensitivity to Red Dye #40. Meaning, if he gets even a tad, he’s a wild and crazy demon child. I’m not kidding. I so wish I was.

So we’ve cut out everything with funky dyes. In addition we’ve also cut out things that could possibly contain peanuts or tree nuts (thanks to his nut allergy, which *fingers crossed* he’ll outgrow). I’m like a detective when it comes to food labels these days… something I never thought I would be. All in all though, it’s gotten us to pay more attention to the food we eat, what we put in our bodies, etc. And I think it makes a big difference when you put mostly natural foods in your body, rather than additive filled things that you can’t even pronounce.

In any case… I love Twizzlers (hence the title of this blog). But I have to sneak them into the house to get my fix. I hide them in way up high cabinets where toddlers can’t see or reach. We do this if we really really need something that might contain nuts (both the hubby and I have insane sweet tooths, and sometimes we just have to have a brownie bite from the grocery store… and those might contain nuts).

When I was thinking about a title for this blog, I wanted to have something that described me and the kids. So, Fynn loves trains, he’s obsessed. Because of this, they’re off limits to Paige. And Paige I think will love tutus, as she loves shoes and she loves dancing and most pretty things. Her special things will mostly be off limits to Fynn. As for me, my off limit things are Twizzlers.

We all need things that are off limits to others, that are special and untouchable. We need to hold those things near and dear, maybe giving others a glimpse, but always holding them next to our heart. A special indulgence, a treasure no one else understands. I think everyone needs a thing. Sometimes I have a thing for pumpkin spice lattes, sometimes I have a thing for Diet Coke, but I will always have a thing for Twizzlers.

That’s the thing about Twizzlers.

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I’m a  firm believer that the messier a kid gets, the more fun he/she has. After all, I was blessed with a son, and no matter what anyone says I also believe that some boys get messier than a lot of girls. There are exceptions of course; my daughter, for example, was born with one foot in a pile of dirt and the other in a heap of sand and rocks.

All that being said, there are some messy things that I cringe at. Like yogurt. I don’t know if it’s how it gets everywhere when you have two little ones who insist in feeding it to themselves, or the smell, or even the texture. I have a thing about certain foods. I think that’s actually the first time I’ve admitted that (maybe because if I admit it, that means I kind of know where Fynn gets his food issues… but I don’t even what to go there!) But I digress.

So – the fact that my kids absolutely whole heartedly adore yogurt is kind of tough for me to take at times. But when I say they love yogurt, I truly mean they love yogurt. When Fynn was a baby and just starting on solids he wasn’t a huge fan. Until we tried the glorious Yobaby yogurt. The kid should have been in a commercial for the stuff. I have never in my life seen a baby get so excited about yogurt! But then I met my daughter Paige, who is almost exactly the same.

They’re so different in so many ways, but similar at the same time.

Most days we hold off on eating the blissful goodness until dinner time. But sometimes, I get asked for yogurt earlier on in the day. Most days I’ll oblige, since I think yogurt is one of the healthier things that at least Fynn puts into his growing body.

But today, man… today I got asked for yogurt the second Lucas left for work. And we had to be at the pediatrician for an appointment in a little while. But they begged, and neither of them ate much for breakfast…

So now, they’re smelling like that unique post yogurt fest smell, and we’re off to the pediatrician’s. Because sometimes life’s messes are too fun to be put off for another time.


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Christmas every Tuesday

Every Tuesday Lucas comes home bearing the best gifts in the world.

An entire box full of farm fresh goodies! We partake in a CSA (community supported agriculture). A local farm divides up some of their crops to members who pay for a share of their seasonal vegetables.

It’s one of the best things we’ve ever spent money on. Not only do we get our vegetables for the week, but we get things we might never ever buy at the grocery store. I never would buy fennel, or leeks, or chard on a whim. But we don’t control what they put in our box, so we have to get really creative in using whatever shows up on our doorstep. I’ve gotten really good at just throwing things in the pot, so to speak, whatevers in the fridge gets used before it gets old. I have dried herbs to keep through the winter, tried things way out of our comfort zone, and have generally been pleased with the results.

Aug 25, 2009 016

Hacking through my soybean plant tonight I felt like some sort of pioneer… as funny as that sounds. I never would think that I’d be boiling baby soybeans at this very moment, but I am, and it gives me a great deal of pride. Almost every dinner we’ve had since late May has included produce from our CSA. Another source of a gread deal of pride.It’s almost like a game – how resourceful can you be?

Aug 25, 2009 023

Receiving the box every week also makes me long for a garden of my own… I think about all the yummy things we could plant, and how much fun it would be to go out with the kids and harvest our crops. Maybe not a full garden, but someday I think I’d like at least a small one.

There is something to be said for fresh vegetables.

You can’t get anything closer to the earth, anything more nutritious.

Bring on the beets and edemame please!

Aug 25, 2009 017

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Channeling Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Parker, for those of you who don’t remember, is the mother of Ralphie in the classic film A Christmas Story.

My favorite scene in the entire movie is when Mrs. Parker is trying to get her youngest son, Randy, to eat a hum drum dinner of mashed potatoes and meatloaf. He’s playing with his food, the father is threatening Randy that if he won’t eat his dinner his loving father will stick a fork in him somewhere….

Then Mrs. Parker does the unthinkable. She gets her picky eater to gobble up his dinner. How does she do it? By asking him how the piggies eat. Randy then picks up his plate, and pretends he’s a piggy and is eating from a trough – no utensils necessary. It’s hilarious, because we’ve all known picky eaters, there’s always one in every family. And we know the roll of the father rolling his eyes at the mother’s antics, but everyone eats their dinner and goes off to bed full and happy.

Tonight, I was Mrs. Parker. My husband played the eye rolling role of Old Man Parker, and Fynn – my beloved two and a half year old – was Randy.

We sat at the dinner table, all finished eating, except Fynn. We were about to give up. Then I asked him if he could take big dinosaur bites of his sandwich (which sometimes works… not always, as that game is getting old). To my surprise, he looked at me, and said “Choo choo bites!!” So I asked him if he could take a big bite like Thomas the Train.

He did 🙂

Then I asked if he could take a big bite like Mavis (another train on the show, for those of you who aren’t avid Thomas and Friends watchers!). He did! Then Percy… then James… we went through literally the entire cast. He kept eating! We even got him to take three bites one time by saying that Gordon was a big train and needs lots of food.

We were the Parker’s tonight. From Lucas rolling his eyes, to me leaning over the table with my napkin in hand under my chin coaxing Fynn to take his choo choo bites. But it worked. And tonight, everyone is going to bed with full bellies and big smiles. Ironically, our lamp broke this evning… and I have Christmas music stuck in my head!

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