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Behind the easel

Jan 6, 2010 002

Three sets of feet
giggles and squeals
chalk scratching the board
drawing fast
erasing faster
friendships foraged
pink and yellow dust settles
childhood lingers behind the easel

Jan 6, 2010 007


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Spontaneity and vampires

I’m a big fan of spontaneity.

But I’m  not one to be terribly spontaneous. Having infants and toddlers puts a little damper on that… though I’m working on it.

So when I told my husband last evening that my friend Belinda and I were planning on going to a midnight showing of New Moon, I think he was a little surprised. But we went. Knowing we wouldn’t return until the wee hours of the morning. {and please, don’t judge – you know you love the Twilight books, or you’re afraid you will so you haven’t picked them up yet!!}

I love Belinda. She introduced me to my husband, she and her husband stood in our wedding party, her daughter is dating my son, it’s all in the cards. She’s a strong, beautiful woman who always puts a smile on my face. She became a mother not that long ago, has since been dealing with cancer {family members and also now her own… I know for a fact that she accepts all form of prayers and good vibes and whatnot. Send them!}, but always has time to talk, or a story to lighten the mood, or an adventure to think about taking.

Normally we just talk about things, but last night we decided to brave the teenage crowds and do something. Something that reminded us that we could still be spontaneous, while still being hot mamas. So we went. In my Volvo because that’s what the cool kids drive {and it has heated seats, so why would we settle for anything less at such an hour??}

It was crowded, but not the screaming mob scene I think we were expecting. When we got our {fantastic!} seats we looked around and were pretty shocked to see that the crowd was a little older than expected. There were only a few moments in the film where the crowd erupted into shrieks and squeals – and at those moments Belinda and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes, maybe secretly wishing we felt young enough to join in…

The movie itself was so much better than expected. My expectations were not very high… then why go? you ask? Maybe a little bit because when I myself was a teen, I wasn’t obsessed with anything. I missed the New Kids on the Block groupies, was too old when the boy bands of the late 90’s came around, and felt a little embarrassed and a little too tightly wound to enjoy anything like that. Now, I’m hardly obsessed with the Twilight series, but it’s still fun to look forward to a series of movies and reread the {however badly written…} books. I guess this is my Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars. Just don’t tell my Hans Solo loving husband that… he’d probably be appalled I put Twilight in the same paragraph as the other two.

Anyway, the movie. I really liked the movie. I can’t wait to see what they do with the third and fourth movies. But more importantly, last night {this early morning…} I was reminded that I can still have fun. On a school night none the less! As my fellow hot mama and I drove home, watching girls who didn’t look old enough to zip up their sequin dresses by themselves let alone pick up keys to drive home, we yawned and laughed and talked about the movie. Enjoying grown up conversation about a teenage love story, I realized that teenage girl who squeals inwardly at love scenes in movies still exists somewhere in me. The spontaneity in me is still alive and well, it just needs a gentle push and prod to come out now and then.

Now, on about three hours of sleep, reality has hit. Goulash needs to be prepped for the crock pot, four loads of laundry needs to be done, I have to vacuum for a playdate we’re having in about two hours… and this lucky woman gets to go out for some more girly fun this evening with another friend {two nights in a row!! Can I just say my husband is the best…}. And I am counting my lucky stars.


And in case you’re wondering… Team Edward. Totally 🙂


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Checking in

An old friend from college recently wrote to check in on life. We compared, and we couldn’t have ended up on more different paths. We were on the same one for a little while, and then veered so far apart. He was always a vague one that I could never get that deep of a read on, always drove me a bit insane, and I’m sure I did the same to him. We often sat around listening to Pearl Jam and The Doors (don’t ask, I have no explenation), and just poked fun at each others ways, probably for lack of understanding. But at the same time, we got each other. Both of use are were a little on the neurotic side about a few things, both has had a tendency to over think even the littlest things, both are were able to look deeper than expected.

Out of everyone I knew, he’s the one who checks in with the most honest intentions – to see how I’m actually doing. He checks on my mental well being. To see how the family is, to make sure my head is still above water. Maybe because he knows it wasn’t at one point.

It’s almost like a reminder to remember where I was, who I was, how far I’ve come, and how I’m still the same. A reminder to be honest with myself. To still look back, even though at times it can be painful. I’ve put so many things in the never think of that again folder. I think I’ve got to sift through and finally process.

And maybe heal.

My old friend and I laughed about how different our paths have become. Yet, in a way both of us are stuck in the grainy wet cement on the sidewalk. So different, but so much the same. Each and every one of us.

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