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On a jet plane…

Feb 18, 2010 001

There he sat

On his airplane

Books stacked as high as his ears

For reading material on his trip

To see his Grammy

He flew through the air

Piloting his jet plane

Navigating all the way to Florida

Got off the plane

Imagined that he saw his Grammy

And told her it was time to come home…


We dropped her off this morning

And miss her already

Fynn said to me, “I’m just sad Mommy. I miss Grammy”

Paige grunted in agreement

I told him I understood

And lifted him up for an airplane ride around the living room

Arms spread wide open

Eyes dancing with memories


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Snow and snot filled weekend

Our weekend started with sunshine and snowy adventures at the grandparents

Jan 17, 2010 005

Sleds and smiles

Jan 17, 2010 024

New warm hats and gazes filled with wonder and curiosity about this white fluffy stuff

Jan 17, 2010 027

Jackets and snowpants, boots and two pairs of socks on each foot

Jan 17, 2010 044

Then came the fevers. And the snot. Ice cream for dinner to bring a three year old back to life {only at Grandma’s!}

Jan 17, 2010 070

And a sleepless night that left us all dragging. Stuffed up noses that left little ones without the ability to eat much {except ice cream…} and a toddler who cried and cried because no one would read to her from a guide to the Bible.

Jan 17, 2010 073

But we’d do it again in a heartbeat.


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What it’s about

This is what it’s all about


grandchildren and grandparents

sharing quiet moments filled with excited eyes and warm hearts

Dec 10, 2009 009

helping to keep traditions alive

one ornament at a time

Dec 10, 2009 010

informal kitchen gatherings

where busy hands make comfort food for the souls

and just to be near one another is enough

Dec 10, 2009 019

lessons given and received

curiosity embraced and encouraged

Dec 10, 2009 023

and being so full of love and cookies

that you barely make it out the driveway before slumber calls

that’s what it’s all about

Dec 10, 2009 006


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