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Wordless Wednesday ~ Fingerpaint

2009-09-30 Sept 30, 2009


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I’m a  firm believer that the messier a kid gets, the more fun he/she has. After all, I was blessed with a son, and no matter what anyone says I also believe that some boys get messier than a lot of girls. There are exceptions of course; my daughter, for example, was born with one foot in a pile of dirt and the other in a heap of sand and rocks.

All that being said, there are some messy things that I cringe at. Like yogurt. I don’t know if it’s how it gets everywhere when you have two little ones who insist in feeding it to themselves, or the smell, or even the texture. I have a thing about certain foods. I think that’s actually the first time I’ve admitted that (maybe because if I admit it, that means I kind of know where Fynn gets his food issues… but I don’t even what to go there!) But I digress.

So – the fact that my kids absolutely whole heartedly adore yogurt is kind of tough for me to take at times. But when I say they love yogurt, I truly mean they love yogurt. When Fynn was a baby and just starting on solids he wasn’t a huge fan. Until we tried the glorious Yobaby yogurt. The kid should have been in a commercial for the stuff. I have never in my life seen a baby get so excited about yogurt! But then I met my daughter Paige, who is almost exactly the same.

They’re so different in so many ways, but similar at the same time.

Most days we hold off on eating the blissful goodness until dinner time. But sometimes, I get asked for yogurt earlier on in the day. Most days I’ll oblige, since I think yogurt is one of the healthier things that at least Fynn puts into his growing body.

But today, man… today I got asked for yogurt the second Lucas left for work. And we had to be at the pediatrician for an appointment in a little while. But they begged, and neither of them ate much for breakfast…

So now, they’re smelling like that unique post yogurt fest smell, and we’re off to the pediatrician’s. Because sometimes life’s messes are too fun to be put off for another time.


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