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A total 180

Or is it 360? I can never get it right… regardless, things changed completely a half an hour after I wrote my last post.

The kids were near meltdown, so I plopped everyone into my bed. We all snuggled together, myself in between the two kids so they wouldn’t poke and bug each other too much, and within minutes they were peacefully sleeping. The sounds of gentle snores filled the room as I rubbed their backs. Moments like that make me thankful for being their mother. Being able to know when not to force something, but to let time run it’s course and let the kids show me what they need.

They didn’t need to nap when I wanted them to nap. They do things in their own time, and sometimes I need to remember to just let go of our schedule and follow their lead.

I guess that’s my take on parenting for the most part. The kids are a wonderful addition to our lives, and we need to adapt to them – they shouldn’t always have to adapt to our lives and schedules… our whims. They have their own whims, and sometimes they’re more powerful than anyone elses. Not always a bad thing…

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Screw you, naptime…

It’s naptime, and I’m watching my 2 1/2 year old and almost one year old still playing with their toys. We tried naptime, but it just laughed in my face.

We’ve been sick, our schedules are out of wack, and it blows.

If the kids get down any later than…. right now… they’ll also be up until 11pm tonight, and that’s not good for anyone.

So what do you do? Just say screw it, and hope for a decent afternoon, with no naps?

Naptime is a curse and a blessing all at once. You want naps to be over for the flexibility, but you want naps to stay forever for your sanity. What’s a girl to do.

Screw you naptime. Screw you.

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