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Color me blue

This week I’ve taken a little break from this space. At first it was unintentional {and yes, only two days, but to me… that’s a lot considering my ocd type nature when it comes to posting…} but then I realized it wasn’t such a bad thing, and conciously decided not to post yesterday.

And frankly, I wasn’t planning on posting today either. But then I saw that Beth’s challenge for today was color. And I looked around and saw it. For maybe the first time in a few days. And it blew me away. How brilliant and bright things are in my own home, even when sometimes the days are dreary, snowfilled and even a bit tearful.

Color is what it’s about. Bring it on, even if my color is a bit blue around the edges this week…

Jan 28, 2010 003

Jan 28, 2010 007

Jan 28, 2010 009

Jan 28, 2010 010


Check out Beth at I Should Be Folding Landry for more lovely captures. This weeks You Capture Challenge was color.



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You Capture – free for all

Nov 4, 2009 026

What do you see? I thought I was capturing just myself in this one… but when you look closer there’s more than I thought.


This weeks You Capture challenge was to pick something on our own to capture. Check out Beth’s site for more brilliance ­čÖé


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Autumn leaves and chickadees

Early this week I had high hopes of getting out and taking some new pictures for this weeks You Capture challenge. Unfortunately… the kids had other plans. We’ve been stuck inside due to Paige being really under the weather since Monday. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun this week though, so I went through photos from last week and found one from our adventure up to New Hampshire. There were pictures of the kids playing in leaves, pictures of them playing with the sandbox, but this photo has really stuck with me. The birds payed little attention to the kids that day, they were more focused on stocking up for winter, on a beautiful fall day. So simple and peaceful. So autumn.

Oct 22, 2009 018


This weeks You Capture challenge was to capture Autumn. Check out┬áBeth’s site to see more fantastic captures!


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Enjoying autumn

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

~George Eliot

Oct 17, 2009 039

Oct 17, 2009 040

Oct 17, 2009 041


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