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Common thread

In a wildly sentimental moment today I started looking through old posts at our original blog, The Story of Fynn & Paige. I started at the beginning, with the funny stories of our day to day life with just Fynn. I smiled, got a little teary, and remembered all that I haven’t thought about in months, if not years.

As I looked at Fynn’s baby pictures I saw him. But I also saw Paige. It’s one of the funny things about having multiple children, seeing them in each other. They are their own individuals, without a doubt, but there is a common thread. In photos they share the same glorious kissable baby cheeks, and they have the same face when they are captured laughing uncontrollably. And the mischievous smile… that’s the same.

And then there’s parts of Fynn that are entirely his own. Like his gaze. And his pout. Those are just Fynn.

Paige has looks her very own, Fynn was never quite as strong willed and full with… we’ll call it passion. She also has her own gaze. With eyes more like her father’s, a subtle hazel that changes with the light, where Fynn (and mine) are unquestionably blue.

But they sleep the same way. With those cheeks calling out to be touched and kissed even when you know you could risk waking them. But you have to. Ask my mom, she’s almost woken both my kids up for the same reason I do it myself. Those cheeks!!

Sometimes I need to be reminded to look past their common thread, but I hold onto it because as time goes by the thread gets tighter and thinner. It runs taught between the two of them. It might take longer to find it, as their own personalities are growing larger than life, but it will always remain.




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New tricks

They don’t always get along. They are, after all, brother and sister. They often want the same toys… and get into each others hair… and they aren’t the best at sharing at this point.

But they love each other. Really, they do. That’s my mantra most days. What I tell myself when I have to pull them apart, tell them to leave each other alone, or threaten to take toys away if they can’t be shared.

As they get older, they’re starting to play with each other a little more. It’s everything a mother can hope for, and more. They laugh together, hug each other, wait for each other. Sometimes I hear Fynn’s sweet little voice saying “Chase me Paige!” or “Follow me Paige!” and “Let’s go Paige!” and I just melt.

Yesterday Paige wanted desperately to go down the slide at our little playground behind our building. She’s not quite ready to go down all by herself, and my jeans had already gotten soaked from being the first to go down the slide that morning. Fynn was right behind us, and when I asked if he wanted to go down with Paige, he beamed. After showing him how to put his legs around her and hold onto his baby sister, I held my breath and they went down. They laughed belly laughs the entire way. Time and time again, they went down the slide together, laughing and holding onto each other. Fynn held on so tight that each time I had to tell him it was ok to let go once they reached the bottom of the slide.

But they did it together. And it’s just the beginning.

Oct 2, 2009 010

Oct 2, 2009 015

Oct 2, 2009 028


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The picture is not the best, but it speaks a thousand words.
Aug 21, 2009 001

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Paige adores her big brother. Most days, Fynn tolerates his little sister. She follows him around, babbling, trying to get his attention. Trying to do everything that Fynn does.

We hear a lot of No Paige and please get Paige and noooooo!!! We’re working with Fynn to give him other outlets to help with his frustration other than pushing his sister down… but it takes time, and it’s tough for a two year old.

There are moments though when it all clicks, and we know giving him a sibling was not the worst idea in the world. This evening was one of them. My heart melted when I heard Mommy I play soccer with Paige, and then it gushed all over the floor when he later said to Paige Here you go Paige, your turn.

I think it’s quite possible that at some point in this whole parenting thing, we did something right.

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