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Snow and snot filled weekend

Our weekend started with sunshine and snowy adventures at the grandparents

Jan 17, 2010 005

Sleds and smiles

Jan 17, 2010 024

New warm hats and gazes filled with wonder and curiosity about this white fluffy stuff

Jan 17, 2010 027

Jackets and snowpants, boots and two pairs of socks on each foot

Jan 17, 2010 044

Then came the fevers. And the snot. Ice cream for dinner to bring a three year old back to life {only at Grandma’s!}

Jan 17, 2010 070

And a sleepless night that left us all dragging. Stuffed up noses that left little ones without the ability to eat much {except ice cream…} and a toddler who cried and cried because no one would read to her from a guide to the Bible.

Jan 17, 2010 073

But we’d do it again in a heartbeat.


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Elbow deep, five stories high

I am elbow deep in tissues.

And poopy diapers, and runny noses, and sore throats. Moments where you wonder if you should wipe a baby bum or nose first {always the baby bum…} moments filled with is it really that necessary for them not to dance on the table? Everything takes so much effort.

This morning before he left, I asked Lucas to bring out the tv. He knew better than to oblige, instead setting up the laptop with a movie for Fynn. But I was desperate.

Now I’m floating five stories up thanks to some cold medicine, and some energy hijacked from a Diet Coke {I know… clear liquids…} It lets me smile instead of wallow. Because wallowing is a friend to no one.

We rest, and snuggle, and head butt, and snuggle and giggle. All a little more silently thanks to the sore throats. They want love, I give them love. They want veggie chips for lunch, today they got veggie chips for lunch. We give to each other and we feel warmth. We feel five stories higher than we should. We rest because, ultimately, there’s a girls night that will possibly involve sushi that I will be at tomorrow night. Because even though I might not be able to taste the spicy tuna rolls, I’ll feel the warmth that comes with friendship, in the passing of a tissue and turning a blind eye to red runny noses.

Chicken nuggets cooking, movie in progress, naps completed. My fingers are gliding and and typing because I need them to. Stringing together sentences that I didn’t know could exist.

Now there is a glow worm playing classic melodies in a cabinet where it was deliberately placed with the tupperware. There is a little boy telling me he just went pee pee {and not in the bathroom} and in the same breath he needs a little something to eat. And I am elbow deep, and five stories high, still smiling, still moving, still wiping noses and dishing out chicken nuggets and veggie chips.


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Enjoying the scenery, with sniffles

Yesterday was the first day in… days… we could get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The kids were bouncing off the walls, Fynn was begging to go outside. We promised several times.

And then someone woke up with a sore throat. And that someone got sicker with every minute. But he still came out with us for our hike, because fresh air does a body good (and unless you have a fever, in this house, you go outside when you can. Now, when I’m the one who’s sick I like to stay in bed and have soup and cocoa brought to me while I hide with books and movies… but I appreciate a push to get fresh air because it helps. Really. Remind me in another day that I said that)

We like this specific walk because we see the commuter rail, even on Sundays. Fynn loves seeing just the train tracks, so you can imagine his delight when we actually see trains (forgive me if I’ve said that before about this hike… my brain… not so good…)

On said walk, we pass by a farm, and they are already getting into the spirit of Christmas. The small touches bring such joy to my heart. Nothing is prettier than red berries nestled in with greens.

Festive, merry, full of spirit.

And those festive thoughts will help to get us through the next few days. Because as of about 5pm yesterday afternoon, we all have sore throats and sniffles… heads that are clouded over in nothingness. All of us seem a little zomby’ish, even the ones with normally endless amounts of energy.

Though you would never have guessed that we were all coming down with stinky colds during our walk. It was a beautiful day, even when the day ends with stuffy heads, days full of fresh air are always close to perfect.


***Special note… today marks the last day of November, which means the last day of NaBloPoMo! I made it… and am proud to say that I posted {at least} once a day for 30 days. While I can’t say I was ever at a loss for inspiration, there were days when posting on here wasn’t on the top of my fun things to do list. It was a great exercise to keep the words flowing, even on days where I just didn’t feel it. ┬áCongrats to all who participated, the month is over! ­čÖé

*****Other note. I wrote this post last night, for today. And now, we are definitely all sick. Snot flying, laying on the floor doing nothing kind of sick. Blah. And really, I don’t know why I feel like I need to share that. Expect to inform you to keep your expectations for this blog low for the week….


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Peek into our week

Oct 28, 2009 010

It’s been a long week

My feet hurt from doing the walk more often than not

My arms hurt from carrying little ones with one arm and doing everything with the other

My head hurts from hearing the whining and sad cries

My heart hurts for all the times I’ve had to say just one more minute to one while taking care of the other

My soul hurts from lack of peace

But the winds are changing



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