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Does it get old?

As we drove through town after town to get to our destination, the leaves kept calling out to me. I’ve been posting fall pictures for weeks now, and really, I don’t think they get old. The leaves scream out with their yellows, oranges, and reds warning of the upcoming frigid months and snowfall. After being worn out from summer (as much as I love summer… the beach… sundresses on little girls…) I’ll take the warnings to slow down and enjoy this season. To get outside while we still can without freezing our buns off. To sip hot lattes and bask in the autumn sun. To watch as the kids run and jump in perfect fitting jeans and sweaters. It never gets old for me.

Oct 21, 2009 088

Yesterday, for the umpteenth time, we headed to our orchard. It’s heaven. Gorgeous, full of character and colors, sandboxes and old trucks to play with. Animals galore, much to Paige’s amusement as she’s just learned a new vocabulary full of animal noises. We met up with friends who we need to see more often. It was one of those perfect days.

Oct 21, 2009 085

We’ve had a lot of them recently. Perfect days. We’ve been so lucky this fall. Hardly any plans except ones to be outside and enjoy each other and good friends. Communing with nature. I like to think we’re nature people…

Oct 21, 2009 091

… except when we come across an old tractor that needs some tinkering…

Oct 21, 2009 093

But for the most part we’re nature people. Especially the kids. They love every minute of it. Being outside, running free. They can never get enough sunshine, enough fresh air. They’re at their best with it – who isn’t?

Oct 21, 2009 105

Last fall we were hurried. I don’t really know why. Maybe it was all the mommy group activities we were involved in, maybe it was trying to rush around for naps and nursing, maybe it’s just where we live (don’t get me started on living in Eastern Mass… I kept thinking while driving around yesterday “would you follow your wife this closely???” Ugh…). I don’t do well with being rushed. I get agitated, cranky, frustrated. So this fall, it’s been especially nice to just be. With the kids, with good friends, with no agenda.

Oct 21, 2009 121

Chatting, or being quiet. Being at peace with so much. All is right with the world when the cautionary leaves of autumn start dancing around us. I can’t help but stop, be thankful, and enjoy every minute of it. And of course keep posting the colorful photos…
Oct 21, 2009 128

(and for those of you (aka MOM!) who have tried with no luck to click on photos to enlarge them…. try it again! Lucas, who has the patience of a saint, gave me a lesson tonight on html and all that good stuff. So you should be able to click on the photo and a new tab will open with the enlarged photo… I hope anyway…)

(and one last thing… I don’t normally dress the kids in black. Kids are supposed to wear colors and fun prints! But, I was taking some pumpkin pictures ~ wait ’til Halloween! They’re so cute! ~ and wanted their festive skeleton/candy corn shirts on. Hence the black!)


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A little slower please

They seem bigger this week

Maybe it’s the long pants and sneakers

Or how they’re both losing the roundness of baby cheeks

Aug 31, 2009 021

Maybe it’s how fast they’re running

And how high they’re climbing

Or the silliness that comes with age

Aug 31, 2009 026

Maybe it’s the small voices getting bigger

Or quiet thoughts that come across their faces

Aug 31, 2009 033

Whatever it is, I want it to slow down

This week, they seem so big


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Where’d the year go?

My baby girl turned one today. In an instant she grew into this little being that can walk, is starting to talk, throws dramatic tantrums, and can eat endless amounts of ice cream. It seems like just days ago she was a tiny little thing that just wanted to be snuggled, nursed, and left to sleep.

Yes, she still nurses (and though I say I’m ready to be done, I’m not so sure either of us really are…), and she still cuddles, but she’s getting so darn big. By the time my son was this age I had baby fever and we were talking about the possibility of a second. When he turned one, I didn’t have a meltdown about my baby getting so big… my baby… my baby…

This is it. This is my last baby, and she’s one. We’re getting ready to say goodbye to the baby years, altogether. I’ve already handed off most of the baby gear that you only need for the first year or so – the exersaucer, the bumbo seat, the infant carrier… and that didn’t make it seem final. But with Paige turning the big one, it’s really hitting home.

I spend my days wishing for them to go by quickly. Wishing for the kids to get to an easier stage. Wishing for the future to hurry up and happen.

Honestly, right now I’m wishing for time to slow down. A year ago I was getting to know my newborn daughter. Just over two and a half years ago I was getting to know my newborn son. Tomorrow I’m going to enjoy them.


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