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Cranky Sillies

Today had all sorts of potential. Chillier than normal, but still gorgeous out. Our morning went pretty well; we met friends for a walk, got lots of fresh air and visiting in.

Then we got home.

And things got crazy.

Overtired children dizzy with fresh air and bellies full of laughs. Sometimes that combination is fantastic, and others… well… sometimes that combination leads to a big case of the cranky sillies.

Oct 23, 2009 006

Oct 23, 2009 022

And the cranky sillies often lead to nightmarish meltdowns over books about ducks that somehow became offensive…

Oct 23, 2009 038

Which inevitably leads to naptime. Apparently for all. Even those who only nap on the rare occasion. But only when next to a beloved clementine of course. And the nap needs to take place only on the floor, when a certain mother isn’t looking (possibly dozing herself for a brief moment…)

Oct 23, 2009 045

Here’s to being forever grateful for the weekends when husbands are home and can help deal with the cranky sillies… which inevitably also come out on rainy Saturdays (like the one we’re schedule for tomorrow).


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Roller coaster

He’s a roller coaster

Up’s and downs and all around

You don’t know which way he’s turning, which direction, or how high

The only constant is that he does everything fast

He’s two, almost three, and has more depth than a ninety year old

You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice

When he wants to be alone, he means with one of us

When he wants to play, he means with one of us

And no one at the same time

He’s complicated

And wonderful

He picked me a flower today, it was his idea, and he was so proud

Ten minutes later he was sitting in time out because he wasn’t listening to us

Sometimes I worry we don’t hear him, understand him

And I tell myself, he’s only two

But he’s all of two

Everything it can embody

We love every inch of him, every moment

We’re buckled in for this crazy ride

Arms reaching high to the sky during the highs

Arms holding tight as we navigate the unknown corners

We’re here for the ride

Oct 4, 2009 031

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Dualing personalities

Does anyone else’s toddler do this?

One minute Fynn’s throwing the most atrocious tantrum. Screaming, whining, running around and throwing himself on the couch.

The next minute he comes up to me and says “hi Mommy!” like he’s just seeing me for the first time, or I’m just seeing him… huh.

It’s like he closes his eyes, put his hand in front of his face and presto chango he’s a new boy!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in action. Toddler dramatics at their best.


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