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Flashback Friday: Snapshots

I have not been with it this week. I didn’t even realize it was… Friday… {and Flashback Friday at Jo‘s at that…}  until naptime. Earlier in the week I had high hopes for sorting through my memory back and writing the most eloquent of posts about a treasured memory.

Sorry folks 🙂

But what I will do tonight is share a few snapshots from our first long {two weeks!} family vacation. It was August of 2007, and my parents rented a cabin in Maine. We all drove up together on a Saturday, and then Lucas went home on Sunday for his first week apart from us. Ever. It was the longest time we’d spent apart since we started dating. The following weekend he came up and was able to spend the rest of the vacation with us. We spent the vacation on the lake, watching Fynn as he tried so very hard to crawl {with no help from the wood floors…} experimenting with camp style baby food, and had some wonderful quality time together. It was peaceful, other than a few cries thanks to a teething baby, beautiful, and as calm as a vacation could be with a nine month old.

These snapshots are courtesy {once again!} of my most talented mother.




{and this one just makes me giggle!}

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Maine’s House

Jan 2, 2009 005

Tomorrow we head home from our mini vacation. We’ll wait for the snow to slow and pack our belongings and head back to real life. To the calendar {which I’ve vowed not to overfill this year}, laundry, grocery list, the chores. We’ll head back to our flannel sheets, coffee cups that seem made for the grasp of our hands, and the possibility of creative projects and endeavors. Even though it’s only been a few days, home is calling. It always does.

We spend quite a bit of time up  here throughout the year. It’s where our family gathers. Summer beach trips, Christmas extravaganzas, family reunions and get togethers. It’s my inlaws second home {our second home as my father in law likes to tell us}. Fynn calls it Maine’s house. I like that.

This time was the first that we were here without them. And it felt a little lonely, even with the noise from the kids and the neighbors. My mother in law has a way of making this place home. She brings out decorations and special touches that they keep hidden from the renters. I tried, but it wasn’t the same.

Our visit this time was different, but actually quite lovely. Yesterday we had the company of good friends and conversation, babies and laughter, take out and trips to the pool. We opened the doors to make memories of our own here, and the day ended with heavy sighs and the best nights sleep we’ve all had in… months. As the snow fell this morning the kids and I packed up and met up with a new friend and her family, who I already knew was a kindred spirit. We chatted and played, the morning passing quickly. {If anyone is wondering, Jo is wonderful. Warm, sweet, and can make a fabulous latte! It warms my heart to know she’s within driving distance!}

The day continued with the kids refusing to nap, a little movie watching, an early dinner, a trip to the pool for me and my water loving son, and then an early bedtime. All welcomed with open arms. I’m looking around at the quiet condo, Lucas and I sprawled out on the couch watching the Celtics. Sippy cups and snack bowls scattered, toys under the chair and in the lobster trap {sorry Papa… we’ll get them out!}, diapers in the dryer and swim suits hanging in the bathroom. While they’re not pretty or decorative, it’s possible our touches made this little condo a home for the past few days. As we unpack tomorrow, two states away {where else but New England can you drive an hour and pass through two states?}, we’ll hear a faint call from Maine’s house.


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We had a fabulous time on our romantic getaway. We had time. Time to reconnect, time to laugh, time to enjoy each other, time to be silly and sweet. We ate at the most fabulous little sushi restaurant ever (where supposedly Anthony Bordain dined and was a fan…), took long slow walks, and drank lattes together at the cutest little cafe – both nights. It was heaven. Our hotel was breathtaking, luxurious to say the least, and we spoiled ourselves. We don’t do that sort of thing… ever. But this time, we did. And we loved every minute of it.

Oct 12, 2009 004

Oct 12, 2009 008

Oct 12, 2009 016

Oct 12, 2009 017

Oct 12, 2009 031

Oct 12, 2009 032

Oct 12, 2009 041

Oct 12, 2009 045


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We’re leaving.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… since my parents moved to Florida, I’ve missed them like crazy. And that would be an understatement. Most of us think that when we’re separated from our parents, it’s because we chose to leave the nest.

Not so. I didn’t chose. But they did, and for what’s best for them at this time in their lives. So we’re dealing.

And living. And visiting. And loving.

I already have tears for tomorrow. I say it’s because my kids will miss their Grammy and Grampy.

But truthfully, there are still so many times in life when I just want my Mommy. Here and now. And she’s there, here, always. Just not in the conventional ways. For that, I’m thankful.



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Splish splash

Their giggles and laughter are unforgetable


One hesitant for a little longer than the other


But both running, splashing, loving life


We have a few more days here, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be enough


For now we’ll try to enjoy the quiet moments of vacation – it’s sometimes harder to remember than it should be



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Midweek in Florida

We’re in sunny and warm hot Florida! Much more will be written about this lovely vacation when we get back, but here’s a few hints of what we’ve been up to the past few days:



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Leaving… on a jet plane…

Tomorrow morning we head out for our week long adventure! We’re heading down to my parents where we will get spoiled with a pool right as we step out of their patio, yummy food, lots of love, and hopefully a margarita or two for the adults 😉 Since my folks moved, just about four years ago, it’s been no secret that I’ve missed them terribly! This will mark only the third time I’ve been down to visit, so I’m looking forward to it very very much. Plus the kids (mainly Fynn…) are super excited about going on an airplane to see Grammy and Grampy!

Anyway, though I might (and I say might because the reality is that there will be two computers there calling my name…) be on vacation, this little old blog will not! I have five posts scheduled for next week, a few of my favorites that I posted on The Story of Fynn & Paige that I wanted to bring over here. And of course, I might be all sneaky and hop on to share some pictures from our sunny days midweek if you’re lucky 😉

Until we get back, I’m probably going to go through blogging withdrawls. It’s an odd thing, this blogging. My reader is so full of blogs that I’ve found in even just the past few days that I can’t stop reading. I need to update my blog list on the side here, but that will be on my to do’s when I get back. So many blogs, so little time!

We’re packed and just about ready to go, hopefully we’ll be blessed with a little rest tonight and lots of patience tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed our little fliers do well, and possibly nap the whole flight!


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If only…

If only Target had a drive thru
children could entertain themselves
my kids napped on their own
laundry did itself
dishes didn’t accumulate
bathrooms were self cleaning
my google reader wasn’t full of unread items to be read
and toy trains never got lost or ran off track…

… my to do list might get done.

We’re leaving in two days (yikes!) for our first big week long trip as a family of four. I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment… and for each item I cross off my list I seem to add about five more. It’ll all get done, eventually. But there’s so much to do right now. I’m so looking forward to the pre-vacation rush to end… and for the relaxing by my parents pool to begin…


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