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Fresh slate flakes

Feb 16, 2010 003

Fresh snow fell from the sky all day today
Big clumps of confetti covering the sidewalks
Sticking to eyelashes

For weeks I’ve been begging for a bit of snow
To cover up the muddy leftovers from January storms

It’s lovely
It makes February bearable
This fresh slate

There’s only so much you can do when you’re staring
at the hard frozen snow of yesterday
But new snow?
The possibilities are endless…

Feb 16, 2010 006


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Where it’s warm

Last night, and into this morning, it snowed

Big fluffy piles of snow to welcome Christmas week

Dec 20, 2009 010

So we mixed, and stirred and tasted life where it’s warm

Dec 20, 2009 024

Found out shortening is not icing, even though it might look like it

That ground cloves, alone, will make your mouth taste funny

And flour is definitely not sugar when you scoop it out in handfuls to eat

Dec 20, 2009 045

There were lots of snuggles

and a few laughs at the ridiculousness that can be our children

but mostly, it was warm

Dec 20, 2009 086


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