Work in Progress… MOVING!!!

Folks, I have some exciting news!

I’m moving!! The blog that is….

I’m heading back to Blogger, with my own domain this time…  and a bit of a twist.  Are you ready???

Please head over to Trains, Tutus and Tea time and join me at my new home. It’s a little plain, but there’s sprucing up in the works. I just couldn’t wait to share the news (and do not want to deal with the whole exporting deal again….) so I’ll be posting there from now on. All of my previous posts have been moved over, all of my photos. So it’s home.

And I’m excited!

** Please update your readers, blog lists, etc… if that sort of thing applies. Thank you in advance!!!


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4 responses to “Work in Progress… MOVING!!!

  1. Booling

    I just had a jolt as I thought you were moving house!!

  2. Wow, Corinne! That’s a big decision! Wow! I would have thought wordpress was the host site of choice, but I found it too complicated for me to work quickly… I’m such a rube. 😉

    Seriously, though, welcome to blogger! Can’t wait to see what you’re doing over there. And if you need help with your button, send me the link and I can create it for you. Take care! =)

  3. Stacia

    Love the new masthead photo … Reminds me of the little brother in “Christmas Story” (“I can’t put my arms down!”). =>

    Also, I’ve been pondering the merits of WordPress vs. Blogger. Do you mind sharing why you decided to switch?

  4. i must be more out of than i thought to have missed this! exciting 🙂 and i wanna talk about that favicon thing- did you do it yourself?

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