Work in Progress… MOVING!!!

Folks, I have some exciting news!

I’m moving!! The blog that is….

I’m heading back to Blogger, with my own domain this time…  and a bit of a twist.  Are you ready???

Please head over to Trains, Tutus and Tea time and join me at my new home. It’s a little plain, but there’s sprucing up in the works. I just couldn’t wait to share the news (and do not want to deal with the whole exporting deal again….) so I’ll be posting there from now on. All of my previous posts have been moved over, all of my photos. So it’s home.

And I’m excited!

** Please update your readers, blog lists, etc… if that sort of thing applies. Thank you in advance!!!



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On a jet plane…

Feb 18, 2010 001

There he sat

On his airplane

Books stacked as high as his ears

For reading material on his trip

To see his Grammy

He flew through the air

Piloting his jet plane

Navigating all the way to Florida

Got off the plane

Imagined that he saw his Grammy

And told her it was time to come home…


We dropped her off this morning

And miss her already

Fynn said to me, “I’m just sad Mommy. I miss Grammy”

Paige grunted in agreement

I told him I understood

And lifted him up for an airplane ride around the living room

Arms spread wide open

Eyes dancing with memories


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Don’t smile… don’t do it!

Feb 17, 2010 027

This afternoon Paige was running around in circles, giggling, with her snow hat and her slightly too big 2T clothes {seriously, when did she get so big?? I learned with Fynn to skip the 24 month size, so we jumped from 18months to 2T… holy mama in shock!) her eyes danced as her feet stumbled…

She was hysterical. Until I broke out the camera and asked her to smile.

Thank goodness I have kids pulling shenanigans right and left, making me smile when I just don’t want to {enter feet stomping and arms crossing…} Laugh when I want to cry. Laugh when I want to pull my hair out and jump up and down over spilled milk. Just laugh. And smile. And giggle.

They tempt me. They tease me. They sit there with their silliness and their 3 year old and 18 month old antics, taunting…

Don’t smile Mommy, don’t do it!!!!

But I always do.

My pint sized blessings… smelling of white grape juice, covered in crumbs and dripping with love.


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Fresh slate flakes

Feb 16, 2010 003

Fresh snow fell from the sky all day today
Big clumps of confetti covering the sidewalks
Sticking to eyelashes

For weeks I’ve been begging for a bit of snow
To cover up the muddy leftovers from January storms

It’s lovely
It makes February bearable
This fresh slate

There’s only so much you can do when you’re staring
at the hard frozen snow of yesterday
But new snow?
The possibilities are endless…

Feb 16, 2010 006


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Feb 13, 2010 015

I’m feeling it.

All of it.

And it’s not always pretty.

I’m tired, but I can’t sleep. I’m exhausted… mentally. I cannot shut my brain off. Wine used to do that for me. It’d help me forget that I could feel. And for someone who feels – a lot – not just for herself but for other people as well, learning how to cope with those feelings after being able to shut them out for so long is draining. To say the least.

So for the past {almost} three weeks, I have had feelings. Lots of them. And I’m trying to learn to own them instead of shove them away and hide from them. I don’t want to hide anymore. I want to live fully, and part of life is having feelings.

They’re not all bad. The other day I saw a few empty bottles of booze at my brother’s apartment. For a moment, panic struck as I wanted to lean over his recycling bin and smell them {sick, I know…} But then the image of a scene in Finding Nemo came to mind. Where a bunch of sharks are holding a Fish are Friends, not Food meeting {similar to an AA meeting…} and they each bring a fish friend to show they’re abstaining from eating their friends. But one of the fish gets hit with a diving mask and bleeds a little {if you haven’t seen the movie, it makes no sense, but I know most of you have kids who’ve seen the movie at least once!} So then one of the sharks, who has given up eating fish, gets a whiff of the fish’s blood, and a crazed look comes across his face. The other sharks see and yell “INTERVENTION!!!!” and race to their shark friend, trying to free him of his inner demons.

Thinking of that scene made me laugh. Made me feel a little bit lighter faced with my enemy.

So about these feelings, not all of them are bad. Some of them are trying. Some of them make me want to hid out under my covers. Some are sweet, and some are funny.

No matter what they are, I’m feeling them. All of them. Embracing, even.  Laying out a warm welcome with hot tea and banana muffins.

They’re making me whole, filling the dark spots in my soul with bright, brilliant light.


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A bit of love

I’ve posted about love twice this past week

I love LOVE

Hearts and paper cards

Sweet words and quiet shows of affection

Hugs that are tighter because of the honesty and trust between two people

Love surrounded us today

From chocolate cupcakes and donuts to warm cuddles during a snuggly nap

We don’t need a special day to remember that we love each other

But we’ll take every extra opportunity to revel in our love

Sending a bit of love out to the blogosphere tonight…

Feb 14, 2010 002

Feb 14, 2010 005

Feb 14, 2010 006

Feb 14, 2010 009

Feb 14, 2010 012


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Boots and guitars

My little brother is Uncle Toby to my kids {or, as they say on occasion, Uncle Toad-y} To them, he’s some sort of super hero. They adore him. They climb on him, he throws them in the air, carries them upside down.

He’s a big fan of the kids.

He’s also a big fan of the fact that he doesn’t have to get up in the middle of the night with them, or wipe their bums.

To my kids, he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Or, in their case, fruit crushers from Trader Joe’s.

Yesterday we dropped my mom off at Toby’s place for a few nights before she comes back to us for the rest of her visit. The kids and I had never actually been to his apartment… but after today, I think we’ll be more frequent visitors. Who cares if the place isn’t childproof? They possibly had more fun there than at the Children’s Museum.

Why? Because Uncle Toby has three guitars.

Feb 12, 2010 070

Feb 12, 2010 078

Books that Paige can sink her teeth into… {seriously, the girl might have more refined tastes in books than either of her parents…}

Feb 12, 2010 075

And Boots. Biker boots. And a “motorcycle” {aka a bike… but Fynn thinks it’s a motorcycle, so that’s way cooler} inside.

Feb 12, 2010 084

He also has the best hot chocolate, plays his guitars, shows the kids how to play his guitars, and lets them run around like wild horses in his apartment. Fynn could barely contain himself while he talked about our adventures at Toby’s at the dinner table.

Watch out Toby, next time we’ll be diving into your printmaking equipment 😉 Arts and crafts printmaking style!


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